The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 110

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 110

Outside the bathroom stall, Quinn and Ingrid Ferguson were shaken.

“You… How did you get in here?“ Ingrid spoke in surprise and thought, ‘Wasn’t Nicole kicked out of Stanton Corporation?’

Quinn was also slightly stunned, but quickly covered it up and smiled calmly.

“She’s probably here to die. Nicole, you should know when to stop. Not every rich family will accept trash Let alone secondhand trash…“

Ingrid felt emboldened. “Yeah, are you here to make trouble? Too bad, no one will help you anymore. The Stanton family doesn’t want you, so your backer is gone…“

Nicole lowered her head and smiled, then cast a sidelong glance at them and walked out without saying a word.

Ingrid was blocking the doorway and did not intend to give way to Nicole.

Thus, Nicole just shoved Ingrid to the side when she passed her by. Ingrid was caught off guard as her body slanted to the side and hit the wall. She was in pain and was just about to curse at Nicole when she suddenly saw Nicole’s cold dark eyes that looked askance at her. She was so scared that she dared not say a word.

After Nicole’s figure gradually faded away, Ingrid rubbed her shoulder that was hurt by the impact and bared her teeth. ”She’s already an outcast. How dare she throw a fit?! Sooner or later , I’ll show her who’s boss! ”

In the center of the banquet hall, the Stanton father- and-son pair calmly exchanged pleasantries with their guests. Although Floyd Stanton had retired and taken a back seat in the company, he still did not look a day over fifty as he kept a good exercise routine. Standing next to Grant, Floyd looked more like an older brother.

”Chairman Stanton! “

”Chairman Ferguson, what an honor.” Floyd Stanton shook hands with Old Master Ferguson and greeted him in a cold voice.

Eric bowed slightly. ”Uncle Floyd.”

”No, no… Just call me Chairman Stanton.” Floyd laughed without accepting Eric’s greeting.

Eric was stunned for a moment but quickly regained composure. Although they had dealt with each other frequently in business, they did not have much of a personal connection. Floyd was clearly drawing a clear line with the Fergusons privately based on his cold attitude, which puzzled Eric.

Old Master Ferguson did not notice this and was only exchanging pleasantries with Floyd. Grant Stanton, who was standing on the other side, smirked and looked at Wendy Quade who was beside Eric. He lifted his glass and said, ”Mr. Ferguson, no wonder you’re so relentless towards your ex-wife. It looks like you’ll be announcing your marital news again, huh? I wonder which family’s daughter can make Mr. Ferguson so devoted to her?“

No matter how slow-witted Eric Ferguson was, he could hear the mockery in Grant’s words. His eyebrows were slightly knitted, and his face was somewhat sullen and cold. Eric did not like other people prying into his personal affairs, not to mention, Grant had an ongoing scandal with Nicole.

‘Is he trying  to get justice for Nicole?’ Eric thought.

Eric’s eyes were cold. Wendy heard this and could not wait to make a self-introduction. “I grew up abroad. My eldest uncle is the Chairman of FJ Enterprise.“

Grant nodded politely. “I see.“

“Mr. Stanton, do you know my eldest uncle?“ Wendy’s eyes lit up.

Grant’s smile was cold with condescending scrutiny, but his voice was calm and polite. “No, I’ve never heard of him.“

Wendy’s smile froze as she felt embarrassed. Although Grant did not say it directly, Wendy could feel the contempt in his words.

Even so, Wendy still thought that she was much better off than Nicole, who had nothing to her name. Thus, Wendy did not care about Grant’s attitude towards her.

“But the two of you do look good together, “ Grant added. Wendy bowed her head and smiled shyly, while Eric’s face sank.

“Mr. Stanton, are you so curious about my personal matters?“ There was a slight dip between his eyebrows.

Grant smiled calmly and faintly, then pursed his lips.


He still wanted to say something, but Ingrid ran over from a distance while holding the hem of her dress. “ Wendy…“

Eric’s face was grim. “Where are your manners?“

Ingrid was so frightened that she immediately stood upright and carefully walked up to them. She then whispered a few words into Wendy’s ear. Wendy’s face lit up and the two girls ran away hand in hand without greeting anyone.

Eric narrowed his eyes in dissatisfaction.

Grant did not care. Floyd, who was on the side, saw this and smiled. “Ms. Ferguson is really bubbly. It must be very lively at home…“

Old Master Ferguson laughed. “She’s just spoiled and forgot all her manners. Chairman Stanton, don’t mind her.“

Floyd sighed lightly with regret. “It’s a pity my son works all day long and is busier than I am, so I barely get to see him at home.“

“It’s nice to have a daughter. Mr. Stanton, if only you had a daughter, we’d probably become in-laws.”

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