The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 107

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 107

Nicole desperately suppressed those surging emotions in her heart. She took a deep breath as she held back the sourness in her eyes.

‘Tears mean weakness… I’m so useless! ‘ Nicole thought.

Nicole used three days to wear out all the affection she had for Eric from the past three years. She finally understood that she should never have any expectations of a person who did not love her back.

‘What does it matter if Eric Ferguson did it or not? What’s more, he’s waiting for me to kneel to them and beg for mercy? They even act like they are such angels, granting me so-called mercy right before they stab me to death? What a joke! ‘

After Nicole removed her love goggles, she could see the whole situation with extra clarity. She could finally see it objectively and found that all of this was based on their condescension of her.

Even if she was surrounded by gentries like Grant Stanton and Ian Carter; even if she had exceeded expectations and stunned everyone with her actions and character; even if she was the Vice President of Stanton Corporation that was impressive enough to make people notice her, nothing seemed to matter.

In the eyes of the Fergusons family, she was still the weak pushover with no background, money, or power. To them, Nicole was just a gold-digging, scheming woman that only wanted to marry into an affluent family.

Thus, the Fergusons were unscrupulous and used their power to force her to the wall, trying to make her life so dull that she would seem like a complete failure.

Eric’s heart sank when he heard Nicole’s words, which pricked him like a thorn in his heart.

It was painful and suffocating.

Eric knew that every word of insult Nicole received was unjust.

These days Eric had been attempting to turn the situation around, but Old Master Ferguson used all his contacts and resources so that the matter would continue to worsen, thus increasing its impact on Nicole. Moreover, Eric had to deal with an issue with a client in France, so he was too busy to handle Nicole’s scandal.

Since things had come to this point, there was no way to please both parties. The only way was for Nicole to compromise.

Eric wanted Nicole to hand over the pipe to his grandfather to appease him and divert his attention. Then, he could take the opportunity to gain back control over the media. He wanted to clarify the facts for Nicole to clear her name and minimize the damage.

“Nicole, let’s talk about the rest later. What’s more important is solving the matter at hand.“ Eric spoke again with forbearance.

Nicole sneered. “Don’t bother. I’m used to being scolded, so it doesn’t matter to me. Eric Ferguson, you’d best remember that the most regrettable thing in my life is being so blind to fall for a jerk like you! Thank God it’s only been three years… I’ll just consider this a nightmare! Also, tell Chairman Ferguson that I will find a good home for the emerald pipe.“

After that, Nicole hung up the phone without hesitation. Her eyes were already blurred with tears.

Nicole remembered when she first got divorced, she wanted to know if Eric had once felt moved or touched by her affection for him. However, she could not and would not ask him this because asking would mean defeat.

That was because Eric Ferguson had never acknowledged her as his wife.

Nicole did not want to debase herself any longer.

Now, the answer was no longer important, and Nicole just felt that the question itself was simply ridiculous.

‘How absurd! The past three years of marriage is just a self-abasing nightmare! ‘ Nicole thought.

Keith looked at the call that was disconnected and saw that Eric’s face was glum and tense. He let out a nervous laugh and said, “This woman doesn’t know any better. Ferg, don’t bother with her. Just wait for the heat to pass.“

He had not seen any woman who dared to scold Eric Ferguson so blatantly and did not even give him the chance to retaliate.

‘Nicole’s really something! ‘

“By the way, I received an invitation to Stanton Corporation’s anniversary party. I heard that they’ve also invited many mainstream domestic and foreign media for the grand gala. Perhaps they intend to take advantage of this opportunity to explain the matter about Nicole, so don’t worry about it.“

Eric’s eyes were indifferent. His face was icy, and his voice was cold as he said, “I ‘m not worried. Forget it.” She doesn’t appreciate it anyway.“

Eric did not know what Nicole was thinking. The situation was clearly very tense, but Nicole was still not willing to accept the olive branch they offered her.

‘Did she really think that Stanton Corporation would take her in? Or will Grant Stanton really marry her? In her situation, anyone who gets involved with her will be in big trouble. This stupid woman!’ Eric thought.

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