The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 105

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 105

Floyd Stanton kept cursing as he walked, but he still did not feel relieved. When the father-daughter pair walked out of the VIP area, they saw Grant walking over with his head held high.

“Why are you here?“ Floyd grunted.

“I was worried, so I had to come over to pick you guys up.“

Grant reached out and took over the suitcase from his father’s hand, then looked at Nicole. “Be prepared. The reporters found out about your whereabouts, so there are now quite a few of them gathered at the entrance of the airport…“

Nicole coldly snorted. “I’m no coward! “

Floyd stroked Nicole’s hair and let out a satisfied grunt. He was extremely protective of his princess. “ Yeah, you guys follow behind me.“

‘Let’s see who dares to come forward and pick a fight with me!’ Floyd thought.

Grant was still worried, so he protected Nicole by his side and held her hand. Once they got out, a flurry of camera flashes bombarded them. Nicole subconsciously looked away. In the eyes of reporters, Nicole was trying to nestle into Grant’s chest.

One second, the headline was: “Nicole and Kai suspected of living together.“

The next second, there was another headline: “ Nicole meeting Grant Stanton’s family.“

“Nicole, are you and President Stanton dating? What’s your relationship with movie star Kai?“

Grant covered Nicole’s eyes to keep the flash from blinding her. He put his arm around her shoulders and walked out with firm steps.

“Nicole, will you marry into the Stanton family?“

“How does it feel to marry into a rich family for the second time?“

“Nicole, do you feel very proud that so many men are surrounding you?“

“Nicole, is Ian Carter also one of your backups?“

The countless questions were hard to hear as if those rumors online were factual.

“Chairman Stanton, tell us what you think about Nicole’s ugly past…“

The reporters did not spare Floyd Stanton, the Head of the Stanton family, either. It was as if his attitude would determine Nicole’s life and death.

When Floyd heard those words, his already glum face turned even more sullen. He walked forward without any intention to comment.

Grant also did not make a sound. The surrounding bodyguards blocked out the reporters. Nicole just walked out calmly in her black dress without making a word of explanation.

The facts would prove everything eventually. Suddenly, someone threw a mineral water bottle from the opposite direction, which smashed onto the back of Nicole’s head. Nicole shuddered from the impact. Grant coldly turned his head in that direction and instructed, “Logan, find that person and call the police! “

“Yes, sir.“

The bodyguards raised their vigilance and formed a solid wall on both sides, no longer giving anyone the chance to throw objects. The Stantons then got into the car, which slowly merged into the traffic.

They had prepared six of the same cars in the front and back, so the reporters had no way to identify them and lost their car shortly after.

Nicole finally let out a breath of relief when they got into the car.

Grant rubbed her head and looked at her worriedly. “

Does it hurt?“

Nicole shook her head. “No, it doesn’t.“ She was just stunned.

Floyd took out the red wine from the small refrigerator, poured himself half a glass, and chugged it with his head tilted back.

“The Fergusons are too much! Since they dare to touch my daughter, don’t blame me for not being polite! “

Grant nodded. “Yeah, it’s time we show them the repercussions of their actions, but there’s no rush. “

“Dad, don’t get mad. They don’t deserve our attention.“

Nicole smiled and felt a trace of bitterness in her heart. Her family only had to face these embarrassments with her because she was too stupid and stubborn back then to fall for the wrong man.

‘I was just asking for it…’ Nicole thought.

Floyd was heartbroken and stroked her hair as he sighed lightly. “It’s good that you thought it through. It’s never too late to turn back.“

Nicole nodded and felt her eyes getting a little moist.

As soon as they left, the picture of the Stantons at the airport immediately became a hot topic of discussion among netizens.

(Look at Chairman Stanton’s face! It looks like he won’t recognize Nicole as his daughter-in -law. Her dream of marrying into a rich family is shattered! ]

(How could Grant Stanton fancy such a gold-digger like Nicole? He must be deluded by her! ]

(Nicole has such skills… I really should learn from her.)

The phone suddenly rang.

Floyd looked at his phone and picked it up with a cold and solemn face.

“Chairman Ferguson, something wrong?“

“Chairman Stanton, I just saw the news online. I should give you a proper welcome since you’re back! Why don’t we grab a drink together tonight?“

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