The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 103

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 103

Kai carefully looked at the phone in Nicole’s hand. ‘ Yes… That’s really mine!’

Everyone in the Stanton family used Nicole’s birthday as their password so that Nicole could remember it easily. Thus, Nicole made the payment without any hassle.

The corners of Kai’s mouth twitched. He suddenly missed the sister who only asked for a yacht, which at least saved him money.

Although $800 million was not a large sum for Kai, he  still felt a little empty when the money evaporated just like that.

Kai patted his chest to comfort himself. ‘It’s okay… She’s my sister, so it’s right for her to spend my money. What’s more, it’s only eight hundred million! All that matters is her happiness…’

Tigger was finally friendly with him and rubbed its head on his lap, acting cute. Kai’s attention was diverted, so he carried Tigger and went to play somewhere else.

That afternoon, besides Nicole’s scandal, the name “ @RichBaby“ quickly climbed to one of the top hot topics online.

(This is the first time I’ve witnessed rich people shopping. Turns out they don’t even look at prices! ]

(@RichBaby really lived up to her name…]

(I don’t care how old she is! I want to marry her! I

can even take her last name!]

(Who is this mysterious @RichBaby?]

Nicole gave the live streamer an address for all the goods, then happily put aside Kai’s phone. She found her own phone and saw seven missed calls on it.

One was from Eric Ferguson, four from Old Master Ferguson, and the other two from Yvette and Ian.

Nicole was just about to call Yvette back when the phone rang again.

The corners of Nicole’s lips hooked up into a cold smile. ‘Is he that anxious?’

Although Old Master Ferguson had forced Nicole to the wall and got the world to berate her, Nicole still had the biggest bargaining chip in her hands the emerald pipe. What should she be afraid of?

Nicole paused and picked up the call nonchalantly.


The butler let out a sigh of relief and looked at Old Master Ferguson excitedly. “Chairman, she picked up!”

Nicole heard this and smiled. Old Master Ferguson glared at the butler, then took over the phone unhurriedly.

“Nicole, do you finally admit your fault?“ ‘Admit my fault?’ Nicole wondered.

Nicole frowned slightly and knowingly asked, “Admit my fault? Chairman Ferguson, I don’t understand… What fault do you mean?”

Old Master Ferguson snorted coldly and said confidently, ”How have you been these days? I heard that you don’t even go to the office anymore. Did Grant Stanton kick you out? I told you before that it’s not as easy as you think to marry a gentry. Not everyone is as stupid as Eric to be fooled by you!”

Nicole hooked up the corners of her lips and smiled calmly. ”Chairman Ferguson, thanks for your concern. I’ve been living my best life these days. It’s been my dream to laze around and do nothing all day.”

All Nicole did every day was laze around and spend money. What could be more fun than this?

”Hah ! You’re still so stubborn, huh?” Old Master Ferguson did not believe that Nicole was unfazed.

”Chairman Ferguson, do you have any other business? I’ll hang up if there’s nothing. ” Nicole did not want to waste her time on someone who did not deserve it.

‘He wants to laugh at me? Too bad ! Eric Ferguson and Old Master Ferguson are all birds of a feather. I’ll never allow them to look down on me.’

Old Master Ferguson was silent for a few seconds. His voice became deeper as he said, ”Nicole, you can’t clear your past no matter what… Unless we say a few good words for you in the name of the Ferguson family. Do you understand?”

He had already given her such a huge hint, so Nicole would certainly get it. After all, she had no other way out.

Nicole raised her eyebrows and snorted. “You started all this and want to console me? Chairman Ferguson, don’t you think that you’re too full of yourself?”

“Hmph! You have no other choice.” Old Master Ferguson was so sure of his plan, so he was straightforward.

“As long as you return the emerald pipe to me, I’ll stop the online crusade against you. I can even make you a manager in one of our subsidiaries under Ferguson Corporation so that you won’t starve.”

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