The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 102

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 102

Old Master Ferguson’s face was cold as he asked, “ Did the call get through?“

The butler looked at the call that was rejected and carefully replied, “She refused to answer…“

Old Master Ferguson thought, ‘Is she trying my patience? This woman really doesn’t know what’s good for her. I’m already giving her a chance by taking the initiative to call her, but she dares to refuse my call?!’

He was infuriated and shouted, “Call again! “

‘I want to see how long Nicole can hold out…’ Old Master Ferguson thought.

“Yes, sir.“ The butler tried again. “It’s been rejected again. Maybe she’s busy…“

Old Master Ferguson was exasperated.

Nicole’s clicking speed was not as fast as Kai’s. Old Master Ferguson’s call also made her miss the live product grab session for the latest Jo Malone perfume.

She was so annoyed that she snatched Kai’s phone over. When she saw that Kai managed to get it, she was even more vexed. Kai just laughed in her face gloatingly, so Nicole decided to privately message the live-streamer.

(Hey, if you’re in Europe, please buy a few gifts for me. Cost is not a problem.]

After a while, the live—streamer saw Nicole’s message and replied, “Sorry, I don’t do private work.“

Nicole thought about it and changed Kai’s nickname from @HandsomeStan to @RichBaby.

Explicit !

Nicole replied. (Then I ‘ll take all the goods in your live session, but you can only go live for me.]

The live -streamer’s eyes widened as he thought, ‘ Huh, what big talk! All the merchandise?’

He asked the staff next to him, “What’s our estimated sales for today?“

“Around eight hundred million.“

The live-streamer smiled and thought, ‘This would definitely scare this person away.’

He replied in the chatbox. (Eight hundred million… You up for it?]

In less than a second, Nicole replied. (Yup. Platform payment or bank transfer?]

The phone in the live-streamer’s hand fell to the ground. He was so startled that he choked on a mouthful of water. He stared at the message repeatedly and thought, ‘This person isn’t even joking?’

Of course, the live-streamer did not want such a big business to go through the platform. Otherwise, the commission the platform took would be quite substantial. The live -streamer was a little doubtful, but he still sent over his bank account number.

In less than a minute, he received a text message on his phone.

(Third Party Transfer to bank account ****0000 received for 3800,000,000. Your current bank balance is 3800,002,000.]

The live-streamer jumped up in excitement. This was the pinnacle of his entire live-streaming experience. The live stream was over before it even started!

He immediately opened the live -stream platform and posted. (Sorry babes, today’s live-streaming session has ended. Toodles!]

The audience, who had been waiting excitedly, were all speechless.

The live -streamer went back to his private message with @RichBaby. (What else do you need? Do you need to buy gifts? I can go to the biggest luxury mall right now and broadcast it to you live. You can buy whatever you like remotely! ]

‘This cou1dn’t be better, ‘ Nicole thought to herself. (@RichBaby: Great, then let’s connect live.]

Without another word, the live -streamer drove to one of the largest luxury brand malls in Europe and started the live stream. He even did a setting to only allow @RichBaby to leave comments. Other people could only watch.

“Love, there’s a new arrival Burberry bag that’s an absolute delight. It’s a little pricey though… You want it?“

(@RichBaby: Yes please, one of each color. You don’t need to tell me the price.]

“These Hermes bags are timeless classics, especially this one…“

(@RichBaby: Are there a lot in stock?] “This is the largest store here…“ (@RichBaby: I’ll take 50 then.]

The live -streamer explained, “Europe accounts for 80% of exclusive sales, and there’s only l2 of this model here.“

(@RichBaby: Then ask for as many as you can.]

Although the live-streamer did not push any merchandise to the public that day, the number of viewers in that live stream reached an all-time high and kept climbing!

Kai was playing with Tigger earlier. When he came back, he saw Nicole laughing while clutching his phone. He was surprised and came up to her. “ Whatchu lookin’ at?“

“I bought some gifts for the employees.“

Kai nodded and said, “Okay, buy whatever you like. Don’t be a miser.“

Nicole smiled and tilted her head to look at him. “I won’t. I just spent eight hundred million…“

Kai’s face stiffened. “Eight hundred million…?“

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