The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 101

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 101

When Mitchell found out about this, he found it unbelievable that Old Master Ferguson dealt with his former daughter-in-law in such a ruthless and despicable way.

Even Mitchell began to sympathize with Nicole.

Eric Ferguson was quiet for a long time, making the silence in the office unbearable.

“Bang! “ Eric suddenly kicked away the chair and took his jacket as he stormed out with a gloomy face.

His car raced to the Ferguson Villa. When Eric saw the maid, he asked in a deep voice, “Where’s the Old Master?“

The maid trembled. “The Old Master went to West Hill Villa…“

Eric turned around and left. The maid chased after him and said, “Young Master, the Old Master said that he wouldn’t see you until the matter is resolved.“

Hearing this, Eric stopped in his tracks. His gaze was harsh as he stared at the maid. “What did you say?“

The maid shrank back in fear with a pale face, not daring to speak again.

Eric gritted his teeth and went back into his car, then took out his phone to call his grandfather. The phone rang for a long time before someone picked up.

“I knew you’d look for me because of that woman. You’ve been kind -hearted enough not to touch her after such a long time.“

“I said that I ’11 solve this.“ The man’s dark eyes were cold and sullen. The air pressure around him was frighteningly low.

Old Master Ferguson laughed lightly. His voice was very aged. “Solve this? She hates our family so much, and you expect her to take the initiative to return my pipe? Impossible! “

“Even so, there’s no need to sling mud on her. What is she going to do in the future?“

“Who cares? I gave her a chance. She thought she could just marry into the Stanton family and didn’t even give me an ounce of respect. Hah! Now I ‘ll let her have a taste of my power! “

Old Master Ferguson’s tone was sinister as he warned his grandson. “You’d better not meddle in this and stay far away from this woman! You’re lucky to have divorced her, otherwise, she’d surely disgrace our family sooner or later! “

After that, he hung up the phone decisively.

‘She still thinks she can marry into a rich family? Dream on! I don’t believe that any affluent family will completely ignore Nicole’s ugly and scandalous past. Even after a long time, Nicole’s name can never be cleared since the truth is hard to distinguish from the fabricated lies. It’ll just be more confusing with time, isn’t it?’ Old Master Ferguson thought.

Old Master Ferguson watched as the debate about Nicole’s character became more vicious, which he was very satisfied with. When he got up, it was already afternoon.

The butler prepared afternoon tea for Old Master Ferguson, who leisurely walked down and asked, “ Any news from that woman?“

Seeing that it had been a while, Old Master Ferguson thought that Nicole would have known that he was teaching her a lesson, so she should take the initiative to come over and apologize.

Not only did he want that emerald pipe, but Old Master Ferguson also wanted Nicole to kneel and apologize so that she would remember not to offend him again.

The butler paused for a moment. “There’s no news.“

Old Master Ferguson stopped in his tracks and narrowed his eyes. “What? No news?“

“Yes, we sent some people to blend in with the crowd of reporters. They’ve been squatting outside her apartment, but she didn’t leave all day. She also didn’t make any clarification online. I’ve asked the media and relevant platforms, and they said that she didn’t take the initiative to contact them. It’s like she simply doesn’t care…“

Old Master Ferguson sneered. “Doesn’t care? If she doesn’t care, why will she stay at home? I think she’s just scared. Let’s wait a little longer.“

‘Once she comes to her senses, she’ll piss her pants in fear and come over to admit her mistake!’

Old Master Ferguson kept his smug attitude until the next day.

“Has she contacted me?“

The butler shook his head. “No, same as yesterday, she didn’t leave her apartment.“

Old Master Ferguson frowned slightly. “What about Stanton Corporation? Any movement there?“

“Stanton Corporation’s share price has dropped a bit, but aside from that, there’s no other movement. Their share price has resumed a stable trend under Grant Stanton’s leadership.“

“Hmph! Grant Stanton sure is capable. Unfortunately, he has poor tastes in women. Why will Floyd Stanton allow such a woman to marry his son? I bet Grant’s busy with the company and had given up on that woman. She has no way out now… “

The butler carefully nodded in response, and Old Master Ferguson waited until the third day.

The internet was still buzzing, but there was no movement from Nicole.

Finally, the old man sensed that something was wrong and had his butler call Nicole.

Nicole and Kai were at home doing some online shopping. The best way to relieve one’s stress was some good old retail therapy. Spending money sure made them feel good!

The two siblings sat side by side on the sofa while Tigger stared at the LCD wall watching “Animal Planet“. Every time Tigger saw a tiger or lion leaping on the grasslands, it would exclaim in awe and jump around Kai to practice what it just saw. Its learning ability was simply superb!

Nicole’s phone rang. She frowned slightly at this number and picked up. “Who is it?”

“Old Master Ferguson, ” The other side replied. He was the person behind this whole thing.

Kai urged Nicole from the side. “Hurry! The live broadcast just started! Let’s grab it!”

Nicole then hung up the phone without hesitation.

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