The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 310

Chapter 310 The Audacity

Eric’s voice was cold, harsh, and deep with suppressed anger. What’s going on here?” Mitchell

trembled in fear.

He could barely maintain the courteous smile on his face. “It’s… Ms. Stanton who gave him the


Eric’s office fell silent. The air around them had a dense oppressive chill.

Mitchell did not dare to breathe freely. Although Mitchell was used to this kind of atmosphere,

every time he experienced it, his whole body would shiver.

Under Eric’s bone-chilling gaze, Mitchell braced himself and gritted his teeth to speak.

“Although we’ve cut off Young Master Nathaniel’s source of funds, he took the money Ms. Stanton gave him and resumed cooperation with many of his partners.

I’m afraid that YounMaster Nathaniel’s studio won’t go bankrupt for the time being…”) Eric was silent for a few seconds before he sneered.

“He really has the audacity to take a woman’s money?” Mitchell hung his head and thought of course! After all, it’s $100 million….

If Eric knew that the real source of this 51 00 million was himself, he would probably kill someone in a fit of rage. Eric casually picked up the documents on his desk and swept a nonchalant glance at Mitchell.

“In the future, I don’t want to see such news again.” Mitchell immediately responded, “Yes, Scanned with CamScanner sir. I’ll make the arrangements.”

After a few days, Dominic Young of Faicon Entertainment called. “President Nicole, Fabian has a film that’s about to premiere.

He needs some heat so can we ride on your wave?” Dominic was straightforward. In showbiz, it was quite common to pair up co-stars to generate more hype for a film or series.

Although Fabian had many co-stars, he had never been in a scandal with anyone to maintain his image and persona. The only scandal he had ever been involved in was with Nicole.

Previously, the scandal between Nicole and Fabian became such a big hype that it dominated the trending topics for a time, hence attracting a lot of followers.

With Fabian now endorsing the high-end luxury accessories from Stanton Corporation, it would

be a win-win situation for Stanton Corporation and Falcon Entertainment if Fabian’s new film

became popular

Naturally, Nicole would not refuse such a good chance to earn money. She agreed without much thought. Of course! He can feel free to ride on my) wave.

“After all, a young hunk like Fabian that was so disciplined and motivated made it difficult for others to dislike him. ( Thus, two days later, Nicole was arranged to attend an awards ceremony.

This was a showbiz event. Nicole was not interested in competing with a group of female celebrities

She was just there as a prop. Thus, Nicole refused to wear any of the latest high-fashion gowns from major brands. Instead, she picked a simple and classy black dress from Ulyana Sergeenko’s collection this season.

The dress was very elegant, with a belt of small pearls lined at her waist. It made her look very lively and dainty

Nicole put on extremely light makeup. Her face was so delicate, bright, and beautiful with a lively


With her innate bold temperament, her kind of beauty could not be ignored, and she quickly became the focus of the crowd. She sat in the center of the front row.

Since most people had not arrived, Nicole was bored and lowered her head to scroll through her phone. People in the back could not see her face.

The few actresses in the back who did not have to go on stage saw an unfamiliar woman sitting in such an important position and whispered to each other.

“Who is that woman? How can she sit in the front and center? Does she want to go viral so badly?” “Yeah, how did the staff arrange the seats? That seat is for the VIP, so how can a rando just sit there?” Nicole heard it all even if they did not mean for her to hear them.

“How annoying… Nicole thought

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