The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 309

Chapter 309 Ms. Stanton’s Money

Everyone’s eyes shifted to Eric. His laughter obviously drew a lot of attention.

What is he so proud of? What is there to be happy about?!’ Nicole thought. Eric looked relaxed and smiled with pleasure. “Just forget it if you have limited ability …

Molly Stewart was helpless and gave up. Since this was the Great God Maverick’s code, no one

could break through his defenses. Nicole gritted her teeth in anger.

After such a roundabout, it turned out that her biggest opponent was her second brother that popped out of nowhere?! Tigger’s spirits were lifted. He once again jumped into Eric’s arms.

“Papa, you’re awesome and handsome! I love you, Papa!” Nicole glared at Tigger who was in Tigger’s arms

Her eyebrows twitched, and her tone was cold and harsh.

“Tigger Stanton! Get back here!” Nicole thought, This tiger is so spineless and completely humiliated me in front of that son of a b*tch Eric Ferguson!’ Eric stroked the tiger’s head and said in a gentle and clear voice, “Go back to your mother…) Why is this good-for-nothing tiger suddenly so obedient to actually walk back? Tigger even looked back at Eric like he’s so reluctant to get separated from him?!’ Nicole felt like she could die from exasperation. She immediately stuffed Tigger into her bag and looked at Gerard with a faint smile.

“Goodbye then.” After that, Nicole left without waiting for Gerard’s response. Molly hurriedly followed. “Nikki.” “Is there anything else?” Molly smiled and was a little hesitant.

“I’ve been sending messages to The Great God Maverick for the past few days, but he hasn’t replied to any of it. Is he very busy lately?” Nicole nodded.

“He’s participating in a top-secret research project, so he won’t be able to have contact with the outside world.” Molly nodded in understanding. She seemed relieved but also a little


Nicole suddenly thought of something, and smiled. “Molly, my dad’s birthday is in a few days.

Mav will definitely come home, so I’ll invite you then!” Molly did not hesitate in the slightest and beamed. “Sure!” Nicole waved goodbye to her. She intended to send Tigger to Floyd.

Otherwise, she would sooner or later die from anger! Eric seemed calm, but as soon as Nicole left, he bid goodbye to Gerard.

Gerard realized what was going on and teased Eric, deliberately pretending to be in a pickle. “Mr. Ferguson, we have a meeting later….. Eric gave him a cold sidelong glance.

“Let’s talk about it next time.

“Even if you go out now, it’s too late. Also, Ms. Stanton kept insinuating that Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 309 MS you lied to her?” – Gerard was rarely in the mood for gossip.

He had a feeling that something was going on with these two people. Eric’s voice was indifferent. “What does it have to do with you? Busybody!” After that, Eric walked out without another word.

There was less than a minute gap between their departure. When Eric came out, he watched as Nicole’s car drove away from him. Gerard snickered lightly in the back.”

What did I tell you?” “He’s too late! He won’t be able to catch up to her…”

Eric’s face turned glum. He glanced at him indifferently and walked away. Before he left, Eric left

a sentence in a cold voice.

“No good words are to be Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 309 Ms expected from a scoundrel…” a ‘Is he calling me a scoundrel?” Gerard stood frozen in place and felt depressed.

No one would be able to watch Eric Ferguson’s spectacle and leave unscathed. Ferguson Corporation. Eric Ferguson stared at his computer.


On the screen was Nathaniel’s announcement of the official transformation of his studio.

Nathaniel would start preparing for an adventure program and would invite a team of explorers to join him.

Their whole journewould be documented and released as an adventure variety show, Nathaniel stood in front of the camera making an impromptu self-introduction.

He looked very manly dressed in outdoor attire, and his deep handsome features were enough to attract a huge following,

Just this one short clip managed to gain so much traction that it occupied first place in that day’s trending topics.

Eric’s face was gloomy and sullen as he glared at Mitchell, who was standing apprehensively on

the side.

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