The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 307

Chapter 307 You Must Be Assertive

After that, Kai slowly turned around and got into the car without paying any attention to Eric Ferguson again. Mr. Anderson then started the car engine and drove away immediately.

Nicole went back home and had a good night’s sleep.

The light outside spilled through the curtains onto the ground. It turned out that Tigger had changed the room’s sleep mode into an active mode. Tigger was now lying lazily on the balcony


Its four little paws trembled and shrank as it feit scared yet happy.

Nicole was woken up by Julie’s phone call in the morning. She fumbled around helplessly for her phone.

“Did you and Yvette discuss amongst yourselves to not let me sleep in every day?” Julie’s calm voice had a hint of concern.

“You were taken away by Eric Ferguson last night. He didn’t do anything to you, right?” Nicole

was jolted awake.

“He took me away?” Didn’t get into his car by myself?’ Yeah, Roman, the good-for-nothing, didn’t dare to refuse Eric Ferguson, but I called Kai right after. Nothing happened in between, right?” Nicole’s eyebrows jumped.

“That son of a b*tch Eric Ferguson dared to lie to me?!”No, my third brother came quickly.” “That’s good.” Julie hung up after a casual chat. However, Nicole was so angry that she gritted

her teeth.

I was fooled by him?!’ Knowing that Nicole was awake, the maids brought up some hangover

tea for her.

Nicole ate breakfast and she later carried Tigger to J&L Corporation. Tigger’s program was

changed by Maverick, but Molly Stewart must have a way to change Tigger back


Nicole could not allow Tigger to like the people she hated. The receptionist saw Nicole walking over and immediately came forward with a respectful smile.

“Welcome, Ms. Stanton. Mr. Lichman didn’t know that you would be coming over today. Let me inform him immediately…” Nicole raised her hand.

“Oh no, I’m here to look for Molly Stewart. Is she in?” The receptionist paused for a moment.” Of

course, she is. Please wait in the lounge.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and breathed a sigh of relief. “Great! Now I can solve this stupid issue that’s been bugging me!’ When she got to the lounge, Nicole stroked Tigger’s soft fur.

“In the future, you must be assertive. You can’t just agree when someone wants to modify your

program. You have to leam to reject him, okay?” Tigger nestled in her arms aggrievedly.

{ “But Papa is the most handsome person in the world! Mama, you must acknowledge the truth!”

Nicole just wanted to pick Tigger up by the neck and teach it a lesson.

At this time, the door to the lounge suddenly opened. “Nikki, you’re here!” Molly Stewart was wearing a white lab coat and had her hair pulled into a messy bun,

Nicole raised her head in delight, but before she could greet Molly, her smile instantly froze when she noticed the two people who came in after Molly.

“Mr. Lichman? Mr. Ferguson?” Gerard Lichman and Eric Ferguson walked in one after the other.

One with a smile, while the latter was expressionless, Nicole took a deep breath.

He’s like a bloody ghost haunting me!’ Gerard pushed up his gold-framed glasses. “It’s been a while, Ms. Stanton. Congratulations for coming back in one piece.” Nicole chuckled. Thank you.”

Gerard saw that Nicole had no intention of greeting Eric, so to ease the awkwardness, he

coughed and said, “Oh, it just so happened that Mr. Ferguson was here for a meeting,

We thought that you might want to know about the progress of the Al project, so we came here


to discuss it with you.

After all, you’ve been in charge of this project all this while. He felt that this was the best reason and thought that his excuse was flawless.

Nicole said in the flattest tone possible, Haven’t I handed over this project long before my accident?” Gerard only managed a weak “oh”.

Just when everyone thought that the atmosphere was starting to get awkward, Eric suddenly


opened his mouth.

His voice was gentle and calm. “After drinking so much last night, are you feeling better now?”

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