The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 306

Chapter 306 The Silent Men

Nicole steadily landed in Eric’s arms and did not seem to be affected by this commotion.

The look of warning and disdain in Eric’s dark and deep eyes made Roman suddenly feel a chill

down his spine.

Eric did not give Roman or Fabian any time to react before he turned to leave with Nicole in his arms. Roman’s face was stiff and pale. His body became tense, and he felt defeated.

Fabian saw this and sighed. Although he was young, he had been in showbiz for some time. Thus, he was clear about certain things, In the face of Eric Ferguson, no one stood a chance.

“Roman, tell Julie about this.

Eric carried Nicole to the backseat of his car. He could smell the strong scent of alcohol on Nicole and unconsciously frowned.

Even so, he carefully brushed away the strands of hair on her forehead and quietly sat next to her. He looked at the glowing yellow streetlights in the dark that felt just as lonely as he was.

Eric only dared to hold Nicole’s hand when she was unconscious so that she would not shrug

him off.

Nicole’s breathing was steady, so he could bear to disturb her.) Eric swept a glance at Roman,

who was at the entrance of the club.

A coldness crossed his eyes as he thought, “What qualifications does he have to compete with me? Shameless!’ In less than twenty minutes, someone knocked on the car window.

Nicole was instantly awakened, while Eric looked up. She looked around, confused. She was wondering what she was doing here. When she saw Eric, she froze for a moment.

Then, her brows knitted up tightly. “Why are you here?” Eric’s tone was calm. “I was just passing by after some business.”

Nicole only remembered that she was drinking in the club, so how did she get to Eric’s car? She could not seem to recall this segment. Eric saw Nicole’s confused and dazed face, so he made up alie without batting an eye.

“I just got out of my car, but you were clinging onto me and insisted on getting 3/6 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 306 The into my car. I couldn’t even stop you.”

Impossible!” Nicole had a huge reaction after she heard that. Eric started at her in silence.

“There’s dashcam footage. Wanna see it?” Nicole was silent for half a minute,

Eric’s righteous look made her feel diffident. Could it be true? Was I so drunk that I couldn’t tell who’s the enemy? Nicole suddenly did not feel so confident anymore.


“No need for the trouble. Maybe I was just drunk and wanted to throw up in your car…” The corners of Eric’s lips twitched. His heart sank. He was angry, but he did not know what to say to that.

Nicole added, “Even my drunk self hates you so much. You ought to go the other way whenever you see me in the future.”

Before Eric had time to say anything, the person outside the car impatiently knocked on the window again. Nicole looked to the side. Without another word, she jumped out of the car and tumed to get into Kai’s car.

Kai’s exceptionally handsome face carried a coldness and disdain at this time.

“Mr. Ferguson, do you have nothing better to do? My sister went out for a drink but you’re still pestering her?” Eric swept a glance at Nicole’s figure and slowly withdrew his eyes.

His voice was deep and cold. “She’s drinking with a dozen men.

Aren’t you guys worried?” Kai let out a cold laugh. “Worried about what? My sister can drink with as many people as she likes! How could a successful woman like my sister have any less than a dozen silent men backing her?” Eric’s face instantly turned glum.

The anger in his eyes could barely be restrained, but he desperately had to hold himself back. That was because Kai was Nicole’s brother.

Eric could not beat him up even if he wanted to! Kai took advantage of this and laughed unrestrainedly.

“Mr. Ferguson, you wanted to drink with my sister, right? Unfortunately, my sister’s taste in men improved drastically, so you’re no longer qualified!”

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