The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 305

Chapter 305 I Told You to Let Go

Nicole thought, “Eric Ferguson actually called to me where I am?!’ She had never seen this number before. Nicole was not in a hurry to hang up and laughed mockingly.

“Didn’t Mrs. Ferguson tell you the location?” It could not be more obvious. Quinn probably told Eric all about Nicole and even added more frills and just to slander Nicole.

However, Nicole did not care. There was silence over the phone. Just when Nicole was about to hang up, she suddenly heard Eric’s restrained voice, as if he was trying to hold back his emotions and was trying hard to calm himself down,

“Don’t stay out too long, and drink less.” Nicole did not expect him to say such words and was slightly stunned for a moment. All the curse words that she had ready could no longer be vented


Her chest felt heavy and stuffy like it was weighed down by a boulder.

Nicole gently knitted her eyebrows and retorted in an unkind tone. “What do you care?!” After

that, she hung up on him.

This son of a bitch Eric Ferguson never plays by the book!” Julie swirled the wine in her glass and frowned slightly. “What kind of tricks is Eric Ferguson playing? Does he really want to get back together with you?” Yvette pursed her lips. “It’s hard to say.

TON Our Lii N’s net worth is completely different now, so who’s to say if he’s actually repentant or if he has a motive?” Julie pondered about it

“With the Ferguson family’s wealth, there’s no need for him to scheme for anyone’s assets, right? But I think that Eric…. Yvette immediately shook her head and grabbed Nicole’s arm.

“You must stand firm on your position! You can’t fall for the same mistake twice! It doesn’t matter what he wants. We won’t want him!” Nicole nodded rightfully and said in a firm tone, “Of

course!” T’m not that stupid.”

Nicole thought. Yvette and Julie made Nicole drink quite a lot. Nicole felt like her head was heavy and kept nodding off. Fortunately, Julie was still conscious and found everyone a ride


The only ones left were Roman and Fabian, who did not touch a drop of alcohol. Julie held the

drunk Yvette and pointed to Nicole.

“I’ve contacted Kai, so he’ll be here soon. You guys take her to the )) entrance.” Roman and Fabian obliged. One of them supported Nicole while the other held her purse as they carefully

led her outside.

When they got to the door, an unfamiliar cold and deep voice rang out from the right side of the lobby near the entrance of the club. “Let go.”

Roman paused in his footsteps and saw Eric coming from the side. His expression changed.

I wonder how long he’s been waiting here…’ Eric had gotten to them in a few strides.

He looked at the drunken and dazed Nicole in Roman’s arms and felt deep emotions churning in his chest. His face instantly turned hostile, and his eyes were pitch-black.

Roman, who was still a new model in Julie’s company, still had not gotten a firm foothold in the industry, so he naturally could not fight Eric

No matter how unwilling Roman was to hand over the woman in his arms, he had no choice but to let go. Roman was reluctant. His face was equally stiff and cold.

“Mr. Ferguson, Ms. Stanton’s third brother will be here soon.” Thus, he could not just let Eric Ferguson take Nicole away like that. Itold you to let go.” Eric’s voice was extremely cold, not wanting to say another word.

His cold gaze swept over Roman’s face with overwhelming authority.

The kind of disparity between these two men was self-apparent with just one look and no words.

They were worlds apart. Roman’s face was a little stiff. Fabian, who was on the side, stepped forward.

“Roman, help Ms. Stanton over to the sofa ” He pointed to the sofa at the lounge next to the

lobby. a Roman paused for a while.

He was just about to go over when he felt a strong wind.

Suddenly, his arms felt empty, and a strong force shoved him away violently. Roman almost fell

and he stumbled back with a pale face, looking shocked and terrified.

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