The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 304

Chapter 304 My Boyfriends

Once Quinn’s words fell, Nicole’s face stiffened for a moment.

Nicole then burst out in laughter. “What does it have to do with me if Eric is willing or not? It’s

not like I’m going to agree.”

Where did Quinn’s confidence come from? Why should I pay attention to my private affairs just because of Eric’s wishful thinking?! How bewildering and ridiculous is that?!’ Quinn was

exasperated when she heard that.


“In a few days, Old Master Ferguson will personally propose a marriage alliance with your Stanton family. This marriage alliance will only strengthen both families.

Where will you find another affluent family that can compare to our Ferguson family?”

Quinn already felt like they were making a big concession letting Nicole back into their family. What right did Nicole have to be a snob? Nicole was a divorced woman, so even if she had a good family background, any other gentry would be wary.

Why was Nicole still picking and choosing then? Since Quinn had already offered Nicole an olive branch, Nicole should grab it. Nicole’s smile faded and her eyes turned cold.

Her voice was clear and cold as she said, I advise you not to make a fool of yourselves by coming to my door.

Even if I have to marry a random person from the street, I still won’t choose your family! Don’t disgust me!” Quinn’s face flushed red with anger.”

… Do you think that you can make that decision?! Eric saved you! If it wasn’t for him, you would’ve been dead long ago!” “So what?” Nicole looked at her indifferently.

would’ve been dead long ago!” “So what?” Nicole looked at her indifferently.

“So what if he did? if you dare, you can come and see if I can make that decision for myself…. Nicole made her attitude clear and was blunt about it. “Also, no one can tell me what to do with

my private affairs.

I won’t give up on any one of my thirteen boyfriends. )) Would the Ferguson family be so tolerant to put up with this for the sake of this marriage alliance? Suddenly, Nicole felt so grateful to Yvette and Julie for throwing this party.


Since Nicole had already said whatever she could, there was nothing she could do if they insisted on coming to her door to make a fool of themselves.

“Hmph! Nicole, I didn’t want to accept you, but Eric’s bewitched by you! He sent Ingrid off to God-knows-where and even said that he must be with you! Fine, in the future, even if you kneel and beg me, don’teven think about stepping into our front door!” Quinn was so angry that her body shook

Even if Eric married Nicole, Quinn would never get along well with her. Nicole hooked her lips. “That’s great! Please watch your son and tell him to stop pestering me.”) After that, Nicole happily turned around and went back to her thirteen boyfriends

Quinn took several deep breaths before she could remotely calm her emotions, When she passed by Nicole’s private room, Quinn took a picture without hesitation.

Nicole was sitting with a bunch of young hunks and looked very ambiguous.

Quinn was satisfied with this and sent the picture to Eric. This time, Eric should see clearly what

kind of person Nicole was and whether she was worth his affection.

Julie looked at Quinn’s back and frowned slightly.

She squeezed Nicole’s wrist and looked outside. “That old hag just now looks like she was secretly filming us…”

Upon hearing this, a young actor next to Fabian immediately got up and closed the door.

Julie returned a grateful smile, Nicole took a sip of wine and replied nonchalantly, “I left it open

on purpose for her to film us.”

Julie looked at Nicole in confusion, so Nicole briefly explained what had just happened.

Yvette was so angry that she wanted to teach Quinn a lesson, but Nicole finally managed to persuade her. “They’re so full of themselves!” Nicole raised her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders.

“Yup.” Just as the words left her mouth, her phone lit up. It was an unfamiliar number, so Nicole subconsciously picked it up. “Hello, who is it?” “It’s me.

Where are you?” Eric’s cold and deep voice came through. His magnetic and raspy voice had a hint of suppressed anger.

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