The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Reincarnate

Nicole looked at Nathaniel frankly. She did not have any use for his person or heart, so she did


not want it.

Besides, the deep affection that Nathaniel spoke of was just because of her money, so Nicole did not feel much psychological burden.

Without another word, Nathaniel took this money to put out the fire that was figuratively

burning down his dreams. Julie and Yvette, who had overheard their conversation earlier, could not help but burst out in laughter.

Yvette patted Nicole’s shoulder, “Gurl, spoken like a true rich biatch…” Nicole flipped her hair.

“I am a rich b*tch!” The sound of music was deafening.

Everyone was having fun minding their own business and did not think to pry into each other’s affairs

Nicole had a little too much to drink and felt a little dizzy, so she wanted to wash her face and

get some fresh air to sober up.

However, when she opened the door of the private room, she bumped into someone. > The woman let out a sharp cry like she was stained with dirty water.

Her voice was disdainful.

“Are you blind?! Can you afford to pay for these clothes? If you can’t even walk properly, why don’t you just reincamate as…” Hearing a somewhat familiar voice, Nicole’s tipsiness dissipated, and she instantly sobered up.

She looked up with a smirk at the screaming woman.

“Mrs. Ferguson, what a coincidence….a The woman who bumped into her was none other than Eric Ferguson’s mother, Quinn.

As soon as Quinn heard Nicole’s voice, her body stiffened.

She looked up and saw that it was indeed Nicole. Quinn only came here to inquire about Ingrid’s

whereabouts but to no avail.

All she wanted was to vent out the anger in her heart and did not even see who it was before she began to curse out a storm.

Surprisingly, that person was Nicole! Quinn’s face changed a few times. It was quite amusing for Nicole to watch.

In the past, Quinn could scold Nicole whenever she wanted, but since Nicole was now the heiress of Stanton Corporation, her value was completely different.

Moreover, Old Master Ferguson had warned Quinn many times that she was not allowed to mess with Nicole anymore. Ingrid was the prime example,

Quinn was reluctant, yet she could not disobey. “Oh, it’s you.” Quinn’s voice was faint without the arrogance she had just now.

Although Quinn did not like Nicole, she had not forgotten the announcement Eric made to the

whole family after Nicole came back alive. Eric said that the only person he would marry in the future was Nicole

Whoever dared to mess with Nicole would suffer his wrath. Even Old Master Ferguson agreed

with this matter. Nicole hooked his lips and looked at Quinn’s expensive clothes that did not

even have a single crease.

“How much is it? I’ll compensate you.” “No… No need.” Quinn held her ground. Although she would not actively provoke Nicole, she did not want to suck up to Nicole only to get snubbed.

It was not like she was short of money anyway.. “Okay.” Nicole did not bother. Since Quinn refused, she did not want to waste her money on her.


The door behind Nicole was wide open. Yvette was in the room and jokingly urged her. “Hurry back Nicole! Your thirteen boyfriends are waiting for you!” Nicole could not help but laugh.

She waved her hand and was just about to leave when Quinn called out to her. “Wait… Nicole stopped in her tracks.

“Yes?” Quinn pulled a long face and looked at her with displeasure. “Nicole, let’s talk “Talk about what?” Nicole did not think that there was anything to talk about between them.

“Come with me. Quinn’s face was cold as she turned to go into an adjacent private room.

She looked determined. The audacity!’ Nicole was tempted to walk away, but she was also

curious about what Quinn could say to her.

After some thought, Nicole followed Quinn into the room.

Quinn sat on the sofa and looked disdainful of this environment with her smug sense of superiority

She was extremely obnoxious. However, Nicole did not comment about that because she could

not be bothered.

“Mrs. Ferguson, I don’t have much time, so you’d better make it short” ) Nicole looked at her watch and decided she could spare Quinn five minutes. Quinn’s face was a little twisted,

She then spoke decisively. “Nicole, since Eric’s willing to get back together with you, I think it’s time for you to pay attention to your private affairs

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