The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Feel free to Spend It All

Aurora Club was a luxury private nightclub. Nicole had just finished a meeting with Logan and went straight to the club, When she arrived, someone led her to Room 8888.

She pushed the door in and saw the private party held by Yvette and Julie. There were some other familiar friends present, as well as many other models and young actors in the entertainment industry.

Basically, all of them were male. Even Fabian and Roman were also there, When they saw Nicole

everyone stood up to greet her one after another.

Nicole smiled and thought that it was certainly very lively. Yvette pulled Nicole to the side and whispered in her ear, “This is a stud buffet! We specially prepared this for you, so don’t be polite

with us.

Just take away whoever you fancy… Nicole’s body stiffened. She looked at Yvette dubiously,

“What are you guys plotting…?” “You literally came back from hell! So, you gotta have some fun of course! I’m sure you were scarred from seeing whatever unsightly things you saw when you were on the island.

Now, you get to feast your eyes by looking at these handsome men.


Well, you can always just drink with them….” Nicole was speechless as she looked at Yvette. Although this way was a little fervent, Nicole still appreciated Yvette’s good intentions.

She chuckled and said, “Why thank you ” “You’re welcome! Julie and I knew that you’d like this!” Nicole was once again rendered speechless.

What kind of friends do I have…?” Suddenly, her phone lit up. It was Nathaniel asking her where

she was, Nicole thought about it and sent him her location.

“You won’t mind if another person joins us in a while, right?” Yvette waved her hand indifferently.

“As long as it’s a guy, we won’t mind how many!” Nicole twitched the comer of her lips. Okay…” She asked too much. Everyone was from showbiz, so they all got along superficially.

Everyone ate and drank to their heart’s content and quickly let loose. They made some harmless jokes, sang, and played some games,

In less than twenty minutes, Nathaniel arrived. He looked quite anxious and sad. As soon as Nathaniel came in, he went over to Nicole.

“Nikki, you gotta help me this time…” Nathaniel was really mad at Eric, who was too unforgiving.

Eric wanted to push him to the wall, and even got everyone to think that it was in Nathaniel’s best interest! Thus, Nathaniel could not admit defeat so easily.

“What’s wrong?” Nicole gave him a careless glance. Nathaniei’s voice was a little hoarse and upset.

“My second uncle has bankrupted my studio. I even have a huge debt now. He asked me to go

work for him, so how can I stand it…

Nicole paused and looked at Nathaniel’s disheveled and sad look. She thought of the young

man who was so wild, crazy, fearless, and easy-going on the island,

How could he be trapped in a corporate cage? Nicole chuckled and took a sip of wine.

She then took out a card from her purse. “Is $100 million enough?” This was the money Eric gave her for that painting Nathaniel froze and was stunned for a moment.

He looked up at her in disbelief. Nicole smiled warmly and innocently, without a trace of contempt or complexity.

“Didn’t tell you that I’m loaded? It’s really not a problem for me to take care of your financial


Since that’s your career and dream and you wanna stick with it, then I’ll support you!” Nathaniel was silent for a moment. He was not expecting this from Nicole.

He only came here so that Nicole could give Eric a call to plead for mercy or to get her to blame

Eric because of this.

Nathaniel certainly did not expect that she would respect and support his career and dreams. He pursed his lips and muttered. “Nikki… You’re the best… “Save it.”

Nicole raised her hand, We’re tight buds, and this money really is nothing.

Feel free to spend it all!” Nathaniel took the card and looked at her meaningfully “Nikki, I never

thought that I’ll ever meet a woman who can speak to my heart..

Rest assured, from now on, my heart… As well as my person, are all yours!” Scanned with CamScanner “That’s not necessary…”

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