The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Don’t Think About What Doesn’t Belong to You

Once Nicole figured this out, she was in a much better mood.

It was almost 11:00 pm, so she took a nice bubble bath, put on a rejuvenating mask, and got ready for bed.

Nicole glanced at her phone and saw that there was a new friend request on her phone, with a

familiar avatar that was all black It was Eric Ferguson.

The message he added was: “Regular friends.” The corners of Nicole’s lips twitched as she snorted lightly

This jerk was just threatening her a second ago, telling her to stay away from Nathaniel. Now he had the cheek to request to be friends?

Nicole refused this friend request without a second thought.

She felt sleepy, so she turned off her phone and went to bed. Eric saw the reply on his phone and his face sank. The notification was: “Friend request rejected.”

Ugh, I must’ve scared her just now!’ Eric thought. He had worked hard all night but made no progress. He felt so desperate like he was facing an abyss, yet he was unable to do anything…

The night was dark and heavy. Everything was quiet. Someone slept very soundly, while someone stayed awake all night. The next day Ferguson Corporation.

Mitchell knocked on the door to go in. He was very careful as he approached the cold and stern

Eric Ferguson who was sitting there. Eric had not been in a very good mood lately.

Needless to think, Eric must have hit a roadblock with Nicole. “President, the S100 million for

that painting has been given to Ms. Stanton’s assistant, Logan.”

Eric paused and gave a cold “mm”. Mitchell continued to report. “We’ve also cut off all sources of funding for Young Master Nathaniel’s studio.

His work has also been completely taken off the shelves. His studio previously has a few projects in the pipeline, but I’ve already contacted the parties involved to cancel their contract.

I believe that in less than half a day, Young Master Nathaniel s studio will face bankruptcy…”

After all, with the power of the Ferguson family, getting rid of such a small studio was just a snap of a finger.

In fact, Nathaniel could have avoided all this. He was a young man who went against his family in order to chase his dreams.

It was indeed very difficult for him to start up his own studio, but now… All his efforts were gone, just like that! Eric’s face was cold.

He looked at his watch and thought that half a day was still too long. The phone suddenly rang. It was Nathaniel. Eric had no intention of picking it up and rejected his call.

However, Nathaniel was relentless. Eric’s face turned glum with each call. He was annoyed by the noise and blocked Nathaniel’s number.

in the blink of an eye, Mitchell’s phone rang. Mitchell took a look. It was Nathaniel. He looked torn as he glanced at Eric, then chose to hang up the phone.

“Get out,” Eric commanded. “Yes, sir. Mitchell felt relieved as he left the room. This time, Eric’s phone rang again. It was Old Master Ferguson.

Eric paused for a moment before picking it up. H I heard that you shut dovsm Nathan’s studio?” Eric tugged his tie casually and spoke in a clear voice.

“Yes, I plan to train him to manage a subsidiary company in the neighboring city. He can’t keep

risking his life to make a living.

Since he’s a Ferguson, I ought to look after him.” His grandfather heard this and agreed with satisfaction

“Mm, you’re right…” “Great-grandpa! How could you change sides so quickly? Uncle Eric just wants to bully me!” Nathaniel shouted reluctantly and took over the phone.

“Uncle Eric, this is too much! You actually got all my investors to break their contracts with me?!! don’t have a single penny on my books and now owe a buttload of debt!” Eric did not hang up the phone, but his gaze was icy.

His tone was indifferent and carried a clear warning.

“That’s why I told you a long time ago not to think about things that don’t belong to you.”

Even if Nathaniel was his nephew, he would not be soft. After that, Eric did not want to continue babbling and hung upon him.

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