The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Of Course, Marriage Is Best

Eric’s eyes had a momentary flash of sharpness, ruthlessness, and firmness, which overwhelmed all other emotions.

That was his inherent noble, calm, and aloof temperament. The moment Eric let go of Nicole, the butler the Stanton family happened to walk over.

“Miss… Oh, Mr. Ferguson, you’re here too.” Mr. Anderson was surprised. Eric’s face was calm and gentle as if nothing had happened. However, Nicole’s face was not very pleasant

She was somewhat pale and seemed to be angry. Since the relationship between these two was

rather special, the butler was especially wary.

Looking at the jacket draped over Nicole, Mr. Anderson immediately took out the shawl he prepared and respectfully handed it over,

“Miss, the Chairman is waiting for you at home…” Nicole took a deep breath. She pushed Eric’s shoulder and took a step back, then yanked off Eric’s jacket and threw it on him.

She then took over the shawl from Mr. Anderson and put it on. Nicole swept a contemptuous look at Eric and left in a huff without another word.

“This two-faced son of a bitch! I guess he has been pretending to be a gentleman all night and finally can’t help but reveal his true face, huh? Hmph! How dare he threaten me?! He can’t touch me, so he’s gonna make a move against Niel? He’s simply a bully!’ Mr. Anderson hurriedly


in his eyes, Eric watched as the slender and beautiful figure left in a huff.

The anger gradually dissipated, but his brows were tightly knitted. After he cooled down, he thought, Did I scare her just now?’ Eric calmly took out his phone and called his assistant Mitchell

“Close down Nathaniel’s studio and notify him to work in our subsidiary in the neighboring city.”

“Yes, President.”” Nicole returned to the Stanton mansion with an unpleasant face. Grant came back early to discuss some things with Floyd in the study.

Kai intended to give Tigger a bath, but Tigger shook its little head in resistance,

Seeing that Nicole was back, Kai was a little surprised. “So early?” Grant and Floyd came downstairs when they heard the commotion.

Grant’s eyebrows were relaxed, and he had a gentle smile on his face. “Did you have fun?” Nicole saw them and felt a large part of her bad mood disappear.

“Dad, Big Brother… You guys gotta prepare a generous gift for the Fergusons to thank them for

saving my life.

Otherwise, they’ll think that we’re ungrateful…” Otherwise, why would Eric Ferguson use this excuse to blackmail me?! I’m sick and tired of it!” Grant raised his eyebrows and hooked his lips.

“Dad and I were just talking about this. Scanned with CamScanner plus roof Some time ago when we contacted Eric Ferguson, he repeatedly excused himself.

What he means is that money can’t solve this…” Grant paused and smiled at Nicole meaningfully. Nicole gritted her teeth,

“Hmph! If it weren’t for Mav, how could that son of a b*tch get the opportunity to find me with his intelligence?!” “Then what does he want?” Kai spoke carelessly from the side.

“Of course, marriage is the best. That son of a bitch Eric Ferguson surely won’t let go of this opportunity. All those material things are meaningless.

The most valuable thing in the whole Stanton family is you…” Nicole naturally knew the meaning of Kai’s words.

The expression on her face stiffened slightly.

Eric’s act tonight was obvious enough.

He even proposed a remarriage and kept saying how full of regret he was. However, all these were just ridiculous and meaningless to Nicole.

Whether or not Eric was sincere would not change a thing. He wants to exchange saving my life for feelings?!’ Nicole just felt like a thorn was stuck in her heart and felt extremely


Looking at her pale face, Floyd fiercely glared at Kai, the deadbeat. Floyd consoled Nicole. “Don’t worry, our family hasn’t yet reached the point of needing a marriage alliance.

If he doesn’t want money, we have nothing else to give

This will just keep dragging on then. I can’t possibly let our princess marry of him again, right? He can go ahead and daydream about marriage!” Kai stuck out his tongue and immediately took

a stand.

“I’m on your side! Lil N can choose anyone but Eric Ferguson! That bastard is on our family’s blacklist and can never be forgiven!” Nicole agreed and stood up with a grunt.

“Hmph! He can’t even try to blackmail me with this! Worse comes to worst, I just won’t admit that he saved me!” The three Stanton men were thick-skinned enough to agree with Nicole’s


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