The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Stay Away From Him

Eric looked at Nicole, who was next to him.

She was just looking at the big screen with concentration.

The curves of her side profile were soft

Her nose bridge was high and every inch of her skin was flawless.

Nicole quietly watched the movie. No matter how shocking or thrilling the sounds and scenes were, she was not the least bit afraid.

Rather, she was watching with great interest and would let out a snort from time to time. It was like she was not impressed by this low-budget horror movie and was mocking those ridiculous special effects.

She was treating it like comedy. Eric clenched his fists tightly. All those scenarios he had in his head did not happen.

The anticipation and fervor in his heart also dissipated with each time Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 299 Stay she snorted. He looked up and stared grimly at this so-called horror film.

He hated it to death. Nicole did not touch the popcom or Coke the entire time.

The couple in front of them were already glued as one as they shared a seat.

When the movie was about to end, Nicole looked down at her phone and tapped on it a few times. She then looked sideways at Eric as if nothing had happened.

She frowned slightly. Mr. Ferguson, why do you keep staring at me?” Nicole did not deliberately suppress her voice, so when the couple in front heard her, they realized that someone was behind them the whole time.

Eric’s voice was clear and cold. “You didn’t say that I couldn’t look at you…”

Nicole was speechless. Eric then asked, “Why aren’t you afraid?” Nicole looked at him like he was


She faintly hooked up the corners of her lips and replied, “What I experienced in the past is the true horror film.” It would be strange if she was scared of such low-level special effects and cliché scenes.

Compared to the movie, Nicole was more afraid that the couple in front of them would not be

able to restrain themselves and give them a full show.

Fortunately, that couple did not do anything excessive. Eric’s chest hurt again when he heard this. away.

His He silently looked gaze resumed its dark and deep coldness, The young couple in the front stood up hastily, fixed up their clothes, and left the hall with their heads down.

The phone in Nicole’s hand lit up. She casually glanced at it and stood up. “It’s getting late. I should go back” “) Eric stood up and spoke naturally.

“Ill send you back.”) When Nicole got to the entrance and saw Mr. Anderson who was walking towards them, she paused in her footsteps. Her voice carried a faint coldness.

“Mr. Ferguson, even if you’ve saved me, I hope this won’t happen again. Niel is my good friend, and no matter what becomes of our relationship, you have no right to interfere.”

Eric’s reaction tonight was somewhat unexpected. He had overstepped his bounds.

Exactly why was Nathaniel suddenly afraid of Eric and why he happened to bump into Eric’s car

was self-evident.

If Nicole did not get this point across the same thing would happen again.

Naturally, Eric also saw her butler who came to pick her up.

However, her words still made Eric’s face sink All night long, he had been carefully observing her emotions and was constantly making concessions.

Being able to watch a movie with her felt like a luxury he could not afford. However, Nicole still did not leave him a shred of hope.

To her, even Nathaniel Ferguson was a million times more important than him! Eric felt like

someone hammered his heart. He could not breathe from the pain.

Nicole did not intend to get a response from Eric and did not even want to say goodbye. Just as she was about to walk to the entrance of the theater, the person behind her suddenly caught up

to her.

The man fiercely pulled her arm and pinned her against the back of a pillar.

His eyes returned to their usual coldness. When he looked at Nicole, the shocking waves of

emotions in his eyes seemed like they wanted to swallow her whole.

The man’s big hand tightly squeezed Nicole’s shoulder. He did not hide his anger, nor his jealousy. He could no longer bear her neglect.

His deliberately lowered voice was magnetic and clear, with such compelling authority that was borderline menacing.

“Nicole, I also hope that this won’t happen again, so you must stay away from him.

Otherwise, he won’t be able to live a good life. Although I’m soft on you and can’t bear to touch you, he’s a different story…”

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