The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 297

Chapter 297 | Invested in All of these

Nicole did not get to jump out of the car.

She just sat there and cast a sidelong glance at Eric Her gaze was as cold as the cold wind in the


“Remarry him?! Bloody impossible!’ Nicole did not like Eric’s proposal, not even as a joke,

Eric’s eyes were deep and dark, blending into the night.

“Why did you lie to me that it wasn’t you? The woman in the photo is clearly you…” ») Why won’t you admit it? Why won’t you ‘admit that you saved me?’ Eric thought.

The moment Eric confirmed that it was Nicole, he felt indescribably relaxed and vaguely happy. Nicole laughed. “So what if it’s me? What can you do with this knowledge?” [inv. She had him at

a loss.

Yeah, what could I do…?’ At that moment, Eric’s expression was clearly stagnant. The corners of his lips were tightly pressed into a straight line.

Eric, who had always been calm and steady, seemed to be on the verge of collapsing. a (Nicole hooked her lips into a faint smile.

Her red lips parted slightly as she said, ” Mr. Ferguson, can’t you see that I’m lying to you because I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore? That’s all in the past, and I’m someone who will never look back.

Not to mention remarriage, I’ve never reconciled with friends that I’ve cut off contact with, Mr. Ferguson, just move on. We don’t have anything to do with each other anymore, so we can marry whoever we like,

No matter who you’re with in the future, I’ll certainly prepare a generous gift to congratulate


She was obviously smiling, but the words that came out of her mouth were like sharp nails that

densely pricked Eric’s heart.

It hurt so much that he could not speak. Was it all in the past? I knew nothing about these, yet she just drew the line at these things and classified them as a clear-cut past?’ Nicole said her piece and wanted to get out of the car without looking at him.

Eric’s voice was clear and cold, but with a hint of affection as he said behind her. “Nicole, I saved your life. Do you not want to admit this?” Nicole froze in an instant

Her hand was propped on the door as she turned back to look at him. Eric’s faint smile seemed to carry a trace of bitterness.

“Fine, I won’t mention remarriage again, but there’s no need for you to avoid me like the plague, right? Didn’t you say that everything’s in the past? So can’t we just be regular friends?” Nicole glanced at him with knitted eyebrows.

Her subtle change in expression was instantly captured by Eric. Eric maintained a gentle and frank smile and hid the emotions deep in his eyes

The corners of Nicole’s lips twitched.

If Eric had not saved her life, she really would have just opened the door and left. What game is this Eric Ferguson trying to play…?” Nicole thought.

Eric withdrew his gaze. His long, sculpted fingers tapped the steering wheel gently.

“Since I’ve saved your life, why don’t we watch a movie that I’ve invested in that just premiered today? As regular friends…” He said the last two words through clenched teeth.

Nicole scrutinized Eric’s expression. As long as he did not mention dumb things like feelings or remarriage, she was willing to get along peacefully with him. ») “Fine.”

She sat back in the car again. Her eyes looked straight ahead and pretended to be generous and forgiving.

When they arrived at the cinema, Nicole, who was wearing a formal dress, immediately captured a lot of attention, She was so stunning and eye-catching like she was a movie star attending a


Soon, a suit jacket was draped over her body, blocking the burning gaze of the crowd.

“Don’t take it off unless you want to be in tomorrow’s tabloid headlines again.” Nicole looked too outstanding and would be recognized sooner or later, so perhaps this jacket would make her more low-key.

Nicole’s outstretched hand retracted upon hearing this. She raised an eyebrow. Then let’s go buy a ticket. Mr. Ferguson, which movie did you invest in?” Nicole swept a glance.

“None of today’s movies are new. This lying son of a b*tch! I Eric swept a glance and said in a

light tone, “l invested in all of these…” ) Nicole was speechless.

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