The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 296

Chapter 296 The Divorced Couple’s Date

Nicole raised an eyebrow and watched as Nathaniel got out of the car looking like he was accepting a death sentence with open arms.

Nathan walked over to Eric’s low-profile and expensive Cayenne that he drove today. The collision caused quite a lot of damage.

On the contrary, his Jeep Grand Cherokee was unharmed in the slightest. However, Nathaniel had not figured out how exactly they collided in the first place.

In this scenario, Nathaniel did look like the guilty party… Usually, this kind of issue could be settled with some money, but since the other party was Eric Ferguson, this would not be an easy feat.

Eric’s dark eyes stared at Nathaniel. He said with a compelling chill in his voice,” Should we go by proceedings or settle this privately?” Nathaniel pursed his lips.

“Do I even have a choice?” >>) “P-Proceedings…” Eric’s gaze was indifferent as he took out his phone. Then I’ll get your father.”

Nathaniel’s expression stiffened. He quickly stopped Eric. “Don’t! Uncle Eric, let’s settle this privately!” Eric put away his phone and threw his keys to Nathaniel.

“Go get it fixed now.” “Now?” Nathaniel held the keys and did not know whether to go or stay. Scanned with CamScanner Nicole was still sitting in his car waiting to go to the movies later…

Seeing Nathaniel’s hesitation, Eric’s face turned colder. “You’re still not leaving?” Nathaniel dared

not delay. Tll just apologize to Nikki later!’ Nicole looked at this scene in confusion.

Why is Nathaniel running to Eric’s Car?” At this time, Eric straightened his shirt and went to the

driver’s seat next to Nicole.

Nicole looked at him and said in a cold tone, “Mr. Ferguson, did you get into the wrong car?” Eric’s face was light and had hidden the anger from earlier verwell.

The corners of his eyes had a hint of tenderness.

His voice was also magnetic, mellow, and alluring, “No, he insisted on fixing my car and asked

me to accompany you.

Didn’t you want to go to the movies?” With that, Eric started the car engine and drove towards the biggest movie theater as if nothing was wrong between them.

After knowing each other for so long, they had never gone to the movies together nor done anything normal couples would do.

At that thought, Eric felt like his heart was being squeezed and unconsciously felt suffocated.

Nicole paused and looked at him as if he was a stranger.

“Mr. Ferguson, what are you saying? Have you seen a divorced couple going on a date to the movies?” “This is ridiculous!’ Nicole thought. Eric’s face froze for a moment.

His smile immediately returned to a gentle and natural state,

What’s wrong with that? Divorced couples can still remarry…” He was testing the waters, but he made this proposal sound irrefutable. Nicole looked at him in silence,

Her eyes showed no emotion. The temperature inside the car gradually cooled.

Eric did not turn his head, but he could already feel Nicole’s cold and detached gaze.

This was the first time he was sitting on pins and needles in front of a woman, but he did so


He could not help but laugh deprecatingly at himself in his heart because he inflicted all this misery on himself. “Stop the car. Nicole’s voice was icy cold.

Eric clenched his jaw. His voice was still gentle “We’re not there yet…” Nicole gave him a deep look, then without hesitation, she unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the car door.

The moment the cold wind blew in, Eric’s face suddenly tumed extremely glum. Screech- Eric

abruptly slammed on the brakes.

At the same time, he quickly pulled Nicole, whose body was already half out the door. While he was shocked, the bitterness at the bottom of his heart became more intense.

The feeling of powerlessness in his heart pulsed through every vein and gradually spread to his whole body. All he felt was weakness and helplessness.

Even his hand that was holding onto her trembled slightly.

Nicole was willing to accept Nathaniel’s date and was willing to add random guys on social media, but when it came to him, she would rather jump out of the car and risk her life than stay

with him.

Eric could no longer keep his gentle facade. Painful remorse flashed across his eyes that were darker than the night. “Nicole…” His voice was low, raspy, and extremely humble,

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