The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 295

Chapter 295 You Can’t Separate Lovebirds

Nathaniel subconsciously took a step back. He still did not have the guts to go against Eric.

Even so, he braced himself and said,” She… She willingly said so! Uncle Eric, you can’t just separate lovebirds…”

As soon as he said that, Nathaniel’s entire body was picked up and shoved against the wall.

His scalp was tingling, and his back was in severe pain.) As an explorer, Nathaniel had a much better physique than the average person, but in the face of Eric Ferguson, he simply became a weak little boy who could not fight back.

His dignity was trampled under Eric’s feet! Eric glared at him coldly without the slightest regard for kinship. His actions were firm and ruthless.

“Nathaniel Ferguson, if you have a death wish, just say so. I’ll gladly grant it…” Mitchell hurriedly stepped forward. President, there’s still room for discussion

Young Master Nathaniel is just joking! How could Ms. Stanton be attracted to him?” Nathaniel was completely butchered in seconds. However, there was still defiance in his fear.

At the thought of Nicole, Nathaniel was full of spirit again. “How could she not be attracted to me? Nikki only likes young hunks after her divorce.

Aren’t they all my type?” All those men who had scandals with Nicole were really different from business elites like Eric Ferguson. Therefore, Nathaniel was very confident.

Eric laughed in exasperation. Those cool eyes carried a murderous chill.

“Nathaniel Ferguson, I’m warning you to stay away from her, or else, I’ll just have to arrange a marriage alliance for you.” His tone carried such crushing contempt.

This was not even a warning. It was just a notice. Nathaniel’s expression changed a few times.

For gentries like them, who were not as successful as Eric in commanding the family business and their own destiny, their destinies could only be controlled by their families.

Eric coldly let go of Nathaniel and did not glance at him again before he turned around and left. Mitchell followed suit, not forgetting to take away the hundred-million-dollar painting with him.

In the meantime, he gave Nathaniel a sympathetic look

Out of all women, he wants to steal Eric’s woman? Isn’t he just asking for trouble?” Regardless of whether Nathaniel joined her for dinner, Nicole ate very well.

During her meal, many people came to talk to her and added her on social media. Nicole saw that these people looked familiar, so she did not refuse and could only accept their friend


Various men and women came over excitedly to add Nicole on social media because this was a rare opportunity. Eric passed by and overheard a group conversation.

One of the guys was holding his phone excitedly.

“I can’t believe Nicole accepted my friend request!!” “Me too! I didn’t expect her to be so down

to earth! She’s too pretty…” Scanned with CamScanner “No, wait… Why didn’t she accept my friend request?” Another guy’s tone was puzzled and disappointed.

Eric’s anxious heart settled again as he left expressionlessly. Nicole finally managed to take a breather. At this time, Nathaniel came out looking dispirited.

“Nikki, let’s go… Nicole nodded and followed him to the car while she looked at what movies

were available at this time on her phone, a Nathaniel was still a little frightened by that

encounter with Eric.

When he drove downhill away from the restaurant, the lights of the car opposite them flashed. He did not manage to stop in time and collided with the car in the front.

Nathaniel cursed. What bad luck!’ He was just about to get out of the car to settle this when he saw Eric getting out of that car.

Eric stood in front of the car looking at the part that was hit and swept a cold glance at the two people in the other car. Nathaniel’s body stiffened. He was obviously scared.

Nicole noticed Nathaniel’s reaction and thought, “Wasn’t he quite bold inside the restaurant? Why does he look like a little mouse who just saw a cat now?’ You’re afraid of him?” Nathaniel

refused to admit it.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I’m not afraid. It’s called respect!”

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