The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Sell it to Him

Nicole’s body instinctively stiffened for a moment. It was too late to avoid him.

Eric Ferguson had already walked in front of her with big strides.

He took out the photo from his pocket. His brow was slightly furrowed as he stared intently at

the painting on the wall.

It was exactly the same. His face was pale. “How did…” 9 Mr. Wilheim glanced at the photo in

Eric’s hand and said in a nonchalant voice,” Oh, so it was you who stole my photo… >>) Eric’s face

was sullen.

He swept a glance at Nicole, but she deliberately did not look at him.

Nicole’s light makeup was exquisite. Her long pink dress outlined her perfect figure in all the right places and made her look so stunning,

She did not look as cold as usual, but softer. She was so beautiful that he could not take his eyes off her. Eric’s gaze darkened slightly.

“Mr. Wilheim, this photo…” “Yup, I took this photo. This girl dragged you out of that place while |

was drinking coffee across the street.

This is one of my most satisfying works. Want it?” The old man’s words made Nicole’s previous denial that she was not the person in the painting invalid.

Once Nicole heard this, she became furious.

“Old Master, how could you?! I was the one who asked first!” He just said that it was not for sale, so if he wanted to sell it, it should be a first come first served rule

The old man looked at Eric Ferguson with a smile.

“always sell my work based on my mood and whoever’s more pleasing to my eye.”

Mr. Wilheim treated the painting that Gillian and Chloe Snyder wanted last time the same way, a

Eric’s gaze was deep with a faint spark in them. He hooked his lips.

“I want it. Mr. Wilheim, state your price.” Any amount was worth it! Mr. Wilheim’s smile deepened as he extended one index finger.

Eric did not hesitate to turn to Mitchell, who was behind him, and instructed,” Transfer $100 million to Mr. Wilheim immediately:” ) Mitchell was shocked.

($100 million for a painting?! Even an heinoom antique masterpiece isn’t so valuable… Mr. Wilheim smiled and glanced at Nicole.

“Transfer it to her, since I painted her anyway.”Nicole was so exasperated that she could not


“This old man lost his mind! She could not stay there for another second. Just when Nicole was about to leave in a huff, Nathaniel walked over with a frivolous smile.

“Nikki, you’re here! I was looking for you everywhere…” “Hey, Uncle Eric. Why are you here too?” When Eric saw Nathaniel, his face sank.

His eyes turned even colder when he heard Nathaniel calling her “Nikki” so intimately. The air pressure around them unconsciously lowered.

Nathaniel casually walked over to Nicole and took her arm affectionately, He hooked his lips and asked, “Nikki, shall we watch a movie after dinner?” The atmosphere instantly became a little


Mr. Wilheim looked at them with an ambiguous and strange gaze. The old man looked a little confused. (O This is…”)) Nathaniel introduced himself frankly while he looked at Nicole adoringly.

“I’m Nathaniel Ferguson. Nikki and I have been through life and death together and have survived against all odds. We’re more than close friends…” At those words, Eric’s face darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Mr. Wilheim just let out a quick “oh” and “ah” before he immediately found an excuse to run away because he noticed that the atmosphere was off.

He left them to stare at each other face to face. Eric’s gaze was clear and cold. His tone was


“Nathaniel, you’re pretty capable now, huh?” Nathaniel’s gaze was clear and innocent as he looked at Eric. “Uncle Eric, you’re already divorced.

Why don’t you allow single people to nurture their feelings with each other?” At the mention of this, the air around them instantly plunged into a deadly coldness.

Mitchell, who was behind Eric, kept giving Nathaniel signals with his eyes, warning him to speak

less. However, Nathaniel pretended not to see any of it and continued to try Eric’s patience.

Nathaniel looked at Nicole and asked nonchalantly, “Nikki, shall we?” Nicole nodded. She did

not want to stay here for another second,

When the couple turned around, Eric’s icy voice came from behind them.

“Nathaniel Ferguson, do you not want your studio anymore?” Nathaniel’s footsteps lurched.

“Uncle Eric, how can you threaten me like that?” Nathaniel wanted to say something, but he was afraid of embarrassing himself in front of Nicole.

After holding back, he looked at Nicole and said, “Nikki, why don’t you go and eat first. I’ll join you shortly.”

Nicole did not care about their uncle-and-nephew rift and disappeared out of sight in a few seconds

Nathaniel stood there and raised his eyebrows slightly, with a cynical look on his face. “Unde Eric, it’s useless even if you threaten me.

Nikki doesn’t have any interest in you at all!” Eric stepped forward with an intimidating chill in his

eyes. “Who are you to call her Nikki?!”

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