The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Who Will Be Interested in You?

1 Mitchell followed Eric from behind, carrying his suitcase.

He looked at his boss’ despondent and cold figure and could not help but remind him in trepidation

“President Lee’s phone…” Lee, the driver following behind them, watched in trepidation as his few- the hundred-dollar phone was almost crushed in Eric’s hand.

Mitchell was familiar with Nicole’s number, so Eric found a random number to call her.

After all, Eric had saved her, so something should have changed between them.

Who knew that once Nicole heard his name, she would hang up the phone without hesitation?

Eric’s face was glum as he deleted the call record and threw the phone back to Mitchell.

Eric had such an unapproachable aura about him. Mitchell gave the phone back to the driver, Lee, then quickly caught up to Eric.

“President, the famous painter Mr. Wilheim invited you to attend the soft opening of his fine art

exhibition restaurant this evening…”) Stanton Mansion.

Nicole hummed a tune while picking out an outfit for this evening’s banquet in her dressing room. This would be the first time she attended a public event after her return.

Thus she had to look her best.

That phone call from Eric was like a hiccup. She did not take it to heart at all.

She wanted Eric Ferguson to know that she was grateful, but she would never offer up herself to him! Kai was forced to sit in the living room and watch Nicole parade outfit after outfit like a happy little bird.

At the rate that she was changing, she probably wanted to wear all the latest collections of the season. ‘I suddenly feel like going back to work… Kai thought.

Floyd had someone bring over the custom-made and exquisite pink diamond necklace.

The diamonds on it were large, unique and precious.

The necklace was paired with a light pink slim fit dress that Nicole just tried on which outlined

her slender waist.

Her long hair was let loose and draped over lazily behind her back

The dress and the necklace had such a gentle, stunning, and harmonious coexistence, which

made Nicole very satisfied.

It was neither exaggerated nor inappropriate. Kai narrowed his eyes.

When he saw the necklace, he was slightly stunned. “Dad, isn’t that for your daughter-in-law?” Floyd rolled his eyes at him,

“Only blind people will be interested in you…” So, this is my future wife’s share?!’ Kai was speechless as he felt his father’s contempt.

Nicole blinked her beautiful eyes innocently. She said in a playful and lazy voice, “K, this design isn’t reserved for my sisters-in-law, but you should have a sense of crisis…” Kai choked on his


He stood up and was about to get dressed to accompany Nicole to the event, but Nicole

stopped him. “Someone else will accompany me,

“Who?” Floyd and Kai spoke in unison, guarded. “Nathaniel, the one who saved me on the island.” Kai sighed in relief.

“Phew, that’s just a man-child… According to his understanding of Nicole she would not like this

type of man, Floyd nodded meaningfully like he was quite satisfied with this person.

“Alright then get Mr. Anderson to send you there.” Mr. Anderson answered at the side with a joyful smile. Nicole was dressed so beautifully, so she certainly should not drive herself.

Thus she did not refuse.

In the evening when the sky darkened, neon lights lit up the whole city.

Nathaniel Ferguson wore a custom-made suit and looked so dapper and handsome,

Even when he was just standing there, he had already attracted the attention of many girls.

This was a soft opening for the exhibition restaurant, so not many were invited.

The furnishings inside were simple and elegant, yet everywhere was meticulously designed.

It was very much in line with Mr. Wilheim’s style.

Nathaniel went to order some food while Nicole visited the exhibition hall, when she saw the last painting at the end of the promenade, that black and red picture hit her with such impact that her body stiffened

This was the second time she saw this painting The stunning woman in the red dress in that

painting was Nicole

The man behind her was unconscious, but his features were striking and prominent.

That was Eric Ferguson. The endless darkness behind them seemed to swallow everything. In front of her was a huge palace door.

Her shoulders were slim, but she looked so strong as she firmly pushed the door open to take him away, walking towards the sun. Nicole pursed her lips.

The famous painter, Mr. Wilheim, had already arrived behind her. He was old but very spirited.”

Is it nice staring at yourself?” Nicole turned back and said playfully, of course! Not everyone can be as beautiful as me. “Pfft… Mr. Wilheim snorted coldly.

His gaze was deep as it landed on that painting “The photo you took was taken by someone in

that restaurant…”

Nicole remembered the photo Eric had, and her eyes darkened slightly. “I want to buy this


Nicole remembered the photo Eric had, and her eyes darkened slightly. “I want to buy this painting

State your price.” Nicole did not want this painting to be seen by Eric Ferguson.

Otherwise, it would be a problem. “It’s not for sale!” The old man decisively refused. Nicole frowned and intended to reason with Mr. Wilheim.

However, when she turned around, she saw the man standing not far away, staring at her and the painting with such a deep gaze. His face was cold.

The moment Nicole saw Eric, her heart Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 293 Who ? jumped.

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