The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Thank You for Never Giving Up

In a few days the online discussion was getting more and more intense.

The number of views and comments was soaring, and this video spread like wildfire.

Nicole was almost fully recovered and was ready to leave the hospital,

Under layers of coverings and disguise, she was still recognized as soon as she went out.

Numerous microphones and reporters swarmed over to Nicole

“Ms. Stanton, are all of those experiences real?” “Ms. Stanton, is there anything you want to say after surviving this ordeal?” “Do you think that this plane crash was an accident?” “Are you planning to take your relationship with Nathaniel Ferguson further?” Countless reporters blocked the entrance of the hospital with their cameras flashing The bodyguards formed a protective circle around them, shielding Nicole and Kai in the center.

The crowd was overwhelming, and Kai was gettinslightly impatient with all these reporters. Having lived in the spotlight for so long, Kai knew that these people would not rest easily.

He took Nicole in his arms and walked forward with great strides towards the Lincoln stretch

limousine parked not far away.

Nicole suddenly stopped walking and raised her head to reveal her bright and stunning eyes,

At this time, however, there was a layer of sorrow overshadowing her beautiful eyes. It was perplexing. Everyone quieted down and waited for her to speak

Nicole’s voice was a little hoarse, but every word was clear and articulate. “I’m glad that everyone

is thinking about my safety, but please stop paying attention to me.

Because… There are more than thirty people on the plane who are not as lucky as I am, and their

families will be in pain every time they see news like these.”

After that, Nicole bowed solemnly and respectfully. The surrounding voices gradually died down, and the vibrant atmosphere sank into a cold silence.

Nicole did not say another word after, so kai held her by the shoulders and led her to the car.

Her return was not just a gimmick for popularity.

It was also painful for some people. After all, the only person who survived the plane crash was Nicole. Soon, this short response from Nicole won everyone’s hearts.

Nathaniel even removed his latest video that was going viral. You can really see a person’s character through the details. Nicole is really a goddess to still think of others at this time.

She has such a big heart!) (Such a beautiful and kind-hearted young lady! I really want to marry her! Nicole, please make your debut in showbiz!] (I’m a family member of the victims of the plane crash.

We firmly believe that they’re the same as Ms. Stanton, stuck someplace on an adventure, and hopefully come back one day,

Ms. Stanton, we wish that you can live well so that they can live vicariously through you. You are

our hope!) This last comment had the most likes and was bumped to the top.

…… Nicole got a new phone and saw that the most liked comment under her response was from

one of the family members of the plane crash victims.

She immediately replied. Whether separated by time, space, or geography, there will be a day when they’ll come back.

Thank you for never giving up.] Perhaps Nicole’s words worked, or perhaps someone authorized the platform to reduce the discussion on this topic because this matter finally subsided.

The reporters no longer squatted outside Stanton Tower, Nicole had a period of calm for a while.

Her life was back on track, but she was in no hurry to go back to work

Perhaps Nicole had used too much energy during her desert island survival adventure, so nowadays she really enjoyed eating, drinking, and just having fun.

Floyd was also happy to see his daughter in this state. Every day, he would drag Nicole to go fishing with him. They would shop, buy a yacht, and even watch live-streaming shopping sessions together

Floyd would help her hold a variety of parties and had never batted an eye when it came to spending money, Life was peaceful and wonderful, up until Nicole received an unfamiliar phone

She thought that it was a friend who changed their number, so she cheerfully picked it up “Hey!

Name please…”

The other party was silent for a second. “Eric Ferguson…” His magnetic voice was familiar and deep. Beep- Nicole hung up. Eric’s eyes darkened as he looked at the call that was disconnected.

His face instantly turned glum. He had been busy during this time abroad. He had endured missing her for so long.

He was worried about her recovery, but more so, but more so, her psychological recovery. However, he was no longer qualified to worry about her.

Eric had watched Nathaniel’s video over and over again. Every time he watched it, he would feel his chest tighten. He felt so suffocated that he could not breathe.

People online were praising her bravery, strength, and luck Only his heart ached for her stoicism and fear.

Just after getting off the plane, Eric could not resist taking his driver’s phone to call Nicole, but this was the result…

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