The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 291

Chapter 291 I Want to Fly My Own Plane

Hearing those voices, Nicole frowned slightly.


“That sounds like Yvette… Kai was doubtful. “Really?” He then stood up and went outside. When he came back, he brought Yvette, Julie, and lan with him.

The three of them were all red-eyed.

Yvette jumped over as soon as she saw Nicole. “Lil N!” Julie also wanted to jump at Nicole, but Kai grabbed her clothes to stop her.

“One by one! Don’t touch my sister’s wounds!” Julie immediately stopped fighting him.

The worry in her eyes was unconcealed. “You’re injured?!” Nicole patted Yvette’s back and looked at Julie with a smile.

“I’m fine now, mostly recovered!” Ian Carter, who was standing on the side, looked so disheveled, thin, and drained.

He even had stubble all over his jaw from not having shaved for days. Seeing that Nicole was

fine, lan kneeled on one knee in front of Nicole’s hospital bed and started to sob.

Yvette, who was also choking back sobs, was speechless. Julie was too shocked to say anything. Suddenly, the somewhat sad atmosphere instantly dissipated.

Floyd, who wanted to pretend not to have seen that helplessly stood up and carried Tigger out of the room.

When Floyd got to the door, he muttered, “Those who don’t know are gonna think someone just died… Kai was also speechless as he watched lan crying hysterically without a care for his image.

Kai can no longer stand watching this and immediately ran out to get a breath of fresh air. Julie finally managed to drag lan up.

“What are you crying for? Nicole came back safely, so you should be happy!” lan cried while tugging at Nicole’s sleeve. “I thought you were dead… Lil N, you really scared the sh*t out of me… >> Yvette sobbed.

Everyone was a little emotional, but lan was the first one who broke down. “Nicole Stanton, how could you not tell us when you came back?! We all thought that you were really dead.

Everyone’s so depressed because of you!” Nicole’s nose felt a little sore. She sniffed and apologized.

I’m sorry… I was afraid that you’ll get scared seeing me in that condition

I originally planned to wait until I was fully recovered to tell you guys…” >) Julie, who was usually

an aloof and proud person, also could not help but shed some tears at this time.

“it’s okay… All that matters is that you’re back! You’re surely a lucky star for having escaped such a catastrophe!” They asked what Nicole went through, so Nicole told them the full story since there was nothing to hide.

It felt like all these thrills and adventures had happened in a previous life.

Yvette and Julie listened excitedly, but lan only sat in silence at the side, becoming more sullen

as he listened, After the story, Nicole nudged lan with her foot and frowned.

“lan, why didn’t you even react to my story?” lan covered his face and looked lost. His voice had an unconcealed chagrin and regret.

“Why am I not the one who saved you? Why is it Eric Ferguson again?” With this, the room fell into a dead silence that even a pin drop could be heard.

Julie glared at lan, then blocked Nicole’s line of sight and changed the subject with a smile.

“Nathaniel suddenly released this video. That’s how we found out that you’re still alive.

You’ve gone crazy viral this time… Reporters everywhere are looking for you!” Julie took out her phone and showed her the trending topics,

In just a short span, this video had already reached millions of views. The degree of attention was way beyond anyone’s imagination.

Nicole pursed her lips, but she was not too surprised because Nathaniel told her when they were on the island that if they managed to get out alive, she might appear in his work.

“Let my big brother worry about this.

I bought a couple of private planes, and I’m gonna learn to fly them!” Nicole was a little traumatized and felt it was too risky to rely on another pilot, so why not just fiy the plane herself! Yvette screamed in excitement

“OMG! So cool!” Julie was rational and said, “You need to calm down…”

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