The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 290

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Nikki

This social media account had a very high following.

That was because Nathaniel’s identity was special, and his handsome features made him a true homme fatale.

The most important thing was that this account never posted any fake videos,

The shooting process was thrilling, real, and always surprising.

Nathaniel had not updated his work for nearly a month, so everyone was worried for his safety

Unexpectedly, he released his latest work online.

In just a few minutes, it caused a huge sensation. Nathaniel was in a primitive tribe on the Atlantic Island.

More importantly, Nicole appeared to be on the adventure with Nathaniel.

The woman whom everyone thought had died in the plane crash actually came back to life! Nicole’s rate of appearance in the video was not high, but the most exciting part of the video was on that rainy night when the indigenous people were chasing them. Nathaniel had strapped the camera to his body, so he did not appear in many of the shots.


The pair ran for their lives and were out of breath. They were soaking wet and in a mess. The

camera panned out to the back. The trees bent in the harsh winds, and the raindrops fell heavily all around.

Nicole almost fell into a trap and was so close to danger. In the nick of time, Nathaniel reached

out to pull her, and the two tacitly continued to run.

Every second seemed so thrilling. Even after Nicole fell and had scrapes everywhere, she did not say a word and did not slow down her companion.

Every scene had such a thrilling and heart-stopping tension,

Through the screen, the audience could clearly feel the crisis of this adventure,

Their lives were hanging on a thin thread.

Everyone followed the ups and downs of their mood and could feel their nervousness and


The video ended right before they met the pirates.


Nicole’s clothes were disheveled as she ran towards the sea.

Her grimy face had such a vibrant smile from having escaped the danger.

Her eyes were so bright and stunning, clear and pure. Her eyes were so animated and showed

such resilience.

The last scene was of Nicole running towards the sun that was rising over the horizon after the

rain. She was laughing,

so brightly and cheerfully. Suddenly, Nathaniel shouted, “Nikki!” Nicole subconsciously looked back, and the video stopped there.

The waves were crashing on the shore behind her as the sun cast a warm glow all around. The sea breeze blew up her long hair, and when she turned back the light in her eyes had not yet dissipated.

She looked so radiant and beautiful in that frame.

This soul-stirring scene felt eternal. The video, which was less than a minute long, set off a shocking wave on the internet as soon as it was posted.

The number of views rose by four digits a minute! (Ahhhhhhh! Am I seeing this right? is that Goddess Nicole?!) (The Goddess is reborn and returned in glory! She’s simply too beautiful!) (The least princessy princess is finally back! I’m so touched that I’m about to cry tears of joy!) (Welcome back to earth, Goddess Nicole! We love you forever!]] (She’s alive! She’s really alive! What about the others then?] (Thanks, Nathaniel, for bringing our goddess back! I’m so emotional right now…] (My heart is melting from the way Nathaniel called her “Nikki” at the end…) …… Soon, the news of Nicole’s return quickly dominated the headlines of major online platforms.

Countless media outlets wanted to get first-hand news.

Some went to Nathaniel’s studio, and others went to Stanton Tower.

The series of reactions to this uproar exceeded everyone’s imagination.

Meanwhile, the main character, Nicole, was peacefully recuperating in the hospital, getting fed

all kinds of delicious food by Kai.

Tigger was sitting in Floyd’s arms wagging its tail happily.

All four of them were still not aware of the chaos outside until several people rushed to the


They were stopped outside by the doctors, nurses, and bodyguards, but were relentless.

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