The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 289

Chapter 289 Get Out

After hanging up the phone, Kai looked at Eric with a hostile gaze.

What are you doing here? No one’s here to help you now!” Before this, Eric relied on his army

buddies to carry Kai, who refused to budge, out of the way,

It was simply bullying, and Kai felt humiliated. Eric’s gaze was dark. “I’ll contact my friend who’s a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist who Eric recommended was probably great, but Kai immediately refused.

“No need for that. Grant will get it sorted, so you don’t need to worry about it. ) Eric wanted to say something else, but Maverick also agreed with Kai and politely refused Eric’s offer.

After all, a psychiatrist would get into one’s privacy and weaknesses, and Nicole must not want her weaknesses to be seen by Eric or his friends. Late at night.

Kai was resting on the sofa outside Nicole’s room. Eric sat by Nicole’s bed and quietly looked at her face that kept changing in her sleep, which was sometimes nervous, scared, or calm.

He did not feel sleepy at all, only heartbroken. Nicole put up such a strong front, but it was clear that she was traumatized and suffering the night was still.

Suddenly, Nicole grunted and opened her eyes in a daze, )) She murmured, “Water…”. Soon, a cup of warm water was handed to her with a straw placed right at her lips.

Nicole quenched her thirst and became somewhat conscious. She saw Eric and opened her mouth to speak Eric gently moved closer to hear what she was trying to say.

“Eric…” She called his name. Eric’s heart rippled softly, It felt warm and soft.

She had not called his name for a long time. “Nicole, what do you need?” In the late-night

darkness, his voice sounded so gentle.

Nicole was half awake. Her voice was ) weak as she said, “Eric, get out…” After that, she no longer had the strength to say anything else and passed out Naturally, she also missed Eric’s expression after he heard those words.

His eyes that lit up for that moment instantly became dull and despondent.

The tenderness on his face shattered into pieces, little by little. For a long time, the silence overwhelmed the darkness, and the whole room was shrouded in gloom and depression.

Eric slowly stretched out his hand and stroked Nicole’s hair. His voice was low and raspy as he said, Okay…” Two days later.

The cruise ship docked. Kai and Maverick brought Nicole onto a private helicopter, which flew straight to the West City. Floyd Stanton had been worried sick about his daughter for several


He had to see for himself that she was okay before he could be assured. The helicopter landed on the hospital’s top floor helipad.

With the best doctors, top-notch equipment, and the best care, Nicole’s wounds quickly healed. Not many knew that Nicole had returned safely.

Thus, during this period, except for the Stanton family and the doctors, not a single person came to disturb Nicole

in order to let Nicole get some proper rest, Floyd Stanton did not intend to announce Nicole’s return and kept the news hidden. The psychiatrist came every day to observe Nicole’s recovery,

Nicole had a very high mental toughness. Her psychological defenses did not collapse, and her mental state was constantly improving During this time, Maverick returned to the lab to

continue his secret research,

Grant was busy running between the hospital and the office every day. Even so, he was happy and did not feel tired.

Everyone in the office could clearly feel the change in atmosphere.

Grant was previously immersed in the sorrow and pain of Nicole’s death, which brought about such a dense and dreary air.

This seemed to alleviate as Grant started to smile more and more… Kai and Floyd accompanied Nicole all day long to eat, drink and catch up on TV shows.

The superstar Kai was not just a slave to the two patients, he was also responsible for explaining the real-life gossip of the actors in the shows they watched, After a few days, a popular social media influencer suddenly released a video of a his adventures. Besides Nathaniel, the well

known independent explorer, there was another main character in this video – Nicole!

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