The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 288

Chapter 288 He’s So Sad

Although Kai was just standing outside the door, the soundproofing of this room was really


Thus, Kai did not get to hear anything. a Eric inexplicably left such a weird sentence, so how could Kai not be curious? Nicole pursed her lips.

Her eyes flickered slightly, so she looked down and said, “Nothing. K, how long do we have to get home?” “Two or three days. Kai frowned.

It better be nothing, otherwise, I won’t forgive that jerk Eric Ferguson!’ Tigger, who was in Nicole’s arms, poked his head out and said in a cute and soft voice, “Papa left… Papa’s so sad…”

Kai was baffled.

Nicole said, “Papa? Are you talking about Eric Ferguson?!” Tigger sighed insouciantly and said,” Mama rejected Papa, so he’s really sad…” >> Kai strode over in two steps and picked Tigger up by

the neck.

“What the hell?! Didn’t you hate him? You little traitor!” Tigger wiggled his legs and said in indignation, “Hmph! The Great God Maverick said that you have to be objective! He’s already modified my program, so my bad impression of Papa is gone!” Nicole’s lips twitched.

“May is too much. How can he just modify Tigger’s thoughts?!” Tigger’s cute little whiskers moved. “The Great God Maverick said that you shouldn’t be a bad influence on cute little

animals like me!” Nicole and Kai looked at each other.

Forget it, there was no way they could fight Maverick even with combined IQS. Nicole was really tired and felt sore from her wound that had not yet healed.

She finally let down her stronguard and vigilance from the past few days and succumbed to being sick Eric’s words kept ringing in her ears like a curse.

Nicole desperately wanted to escape, but she could not get it out of her mind.

While Nicole was sleeping, the images of gunfire on the island and the terrorist attack on the streets of Europe overlapped in her mind.

She had nightmare after nightmare. When she woke up, she opened her eyes and saw Kai by her bedside, who had stayed up all night watching her worriedly.

She lowered her lush, dark eyelashes and said in a relaxed yet firm tone. “K please find me a psychiatrist.” The night sky was a dark blue,

The ocean reflected the stars and moonlight, which rippled across the water as the cold wind blew. A man stood on the deck. His shadow was stretched long.

His eyes were as dark as ink and had a gloominess in them. He stood there in silence. The chill he exuded merged with the raging coldness of the sea.

Jackson, the military doctor walked over slowly and said in a teasing voice, “Is the great President Ferguson standing here to heal his broken heart?” He had never seen Eric, who was usually indifferent about everything, get distracted the whole day because of a few words from


The man’s jawline was defined. At first glance, there was no emotion in his eyes, but on closer look, one could see the heavy and complex sentiments churning inside. Eric instantly collected his emotions and glanced to the side.

His voice was indescribably low and husky,

“I have a feeling that she will never like me again.” (Jackson raised his eyebrows slightly. You saved her. Is she still blaming you?” Eric laughed self-deprecatingly.

“She has stopped hating me for a long time, so she naturally won’t blame me… Just because she did not blame him did not mean that she would like him.

Ferguson Corporation could be inextricably linked to Stanton Corporation when it came to benefits, but 578 Nicole would never have anything to do with Eric again.

Jackson sighed and patted his shoulder. “Well, I think it can still be saved. You deserve to pay the price for all those dumb things you did back then.

But… Since you think she’s the one, you gotta do all you can to get her back! Otherwise, how could you let all of us brothers risk our lives for nothing, huh?” Eric hooked his lips and laughed. His eyebrows finally relaxed. **

The brothers have gone back?” “Yeah.

Several giant helicopters entering the airspace together will incur quite a troublesome procedure. If not for the patient on board, I would’ve followed.

By the way, Mr. Hollywood came to find me today asking me if I knew psychotherapy. Do you

think Ms. Stanton…” Jackson stopped mid-sentence.

He frowned slightly and thought that if any ordinary person encountered the things Nicole did, they would have probably collapsed mentally

Nicole’s psychological defenses were considered very strong because she could still control her emotions so well. When Eric heard this, his face instantly sank.

The anxiety and concern in his eyes could not be concealed. He did not even have time to wallow in sadness and turned to leave immediately.

Jackson, who wanted to have a chat with his buddy, was speechless. Did I just get abandoned after a few sentences?” Eric walked to the corner of the hallway and heard Kai, who was talking to Grant on the phone.

“Yeah, she has nightmares all day. She has a low-grade fever. Yeah, she’s conscious.”

Eric wanted to stop and listen, but Maverick, who was standing opposite Kai, had already seen him, so he walked over openly.

Kai rolled his eyes at Eric while he continued to report Nicole’s condition to Grant. “Of course, took good care of Lil N! She’s fine when she woke up.

She asked to see a psychiatrist herself…. Hearing these words, Eric’s eyebrows knitted up tightly.

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