The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 287

Chapter 287 That’s Not Me

Nicole lowered her eyelids and stroked Tigger, who was in her ams,

She looked like she was done talking to him. Even so, Eric refused to give up.

“How could I give up so easily? I deserved that stab in the heart!’ Eric smiled miserably and made an effort to look warm. He looked down and took out a photo he had been staring at countless times from his pocket.

His fingertips were white from pinching it so hard. Nicole had saved his life before, but she had never mentioned it. Eric did not believe that she would really forget all those feelings she had for him.

His voice was magnetic and raspy as he said, “Nicole, I still owe you a life. You Thai never told me that the person in the photo was you.”

if Eric had known that it was her, then he would not have ignored her existence in their marriage. At the very least, he would not let their marriage come to such a disastrous end.

Nicole glanced at that photo. Her expression stiffened as she was stunned. Her breath stalled for a moment.

She subconsciously looked up and saw the deep guilt and remorse in Eric’s eyes. Suddenly, Nicole understood something,

The bottom of her heart turned cold. Turns out he feels that he owes me, huh?’ Nicole pursed her lips, withdrew her gaze, and said in a calm voice, “That’s not me.

If that was the case, Nicole would rather not admit that it was her. That experience Thal in

Europe with the terrorist attack and underground fight club felt like a dream.

Nicole was glad to have met Eric, but she also regretted having met him. Eric paused for a


His eyes were full of doubt as he simply did not believe Nicole’s words.

“Impossible, how can this not be you?” “She’s clearly lying! Why? Is it because she didn’t want to admit that she had known me long ago?’ Eric’s heart felt like it had been gouged out as he took

a painful gasp.

Nicole laughed lightly. Her eyes were cold and indifferent. “Mr. Ferguson, you’re mistaken. I’m not the person that you’re looking for.

We’ve never met before we got married.” Nicole did not want to admit to those memories that had long been buried, Thai those carefully guarded hardships that belonged to her alone,

She did not want the little bit of dignity she had left to be trampled on at will. Since she decided to let go, she would just throw away the past. Eric’s eager gaze cooled little by little.

He looked at Nicole’s distant gaze and felt like his heart was doused in a bucket of ice water,

slowly cooling it to a freezing point.

If she did not want to admit it, he could not force her. It’s okay if she doesn’t admit it now… We

have a long future ahead anyway… Eric kept the photo and looked at her gently.

“Okay. It doesn’t matter if that’s not you. Nicole, I mean it when i said that I want to be with


His large hands were beautiful like works of art. The moment they covered Nicole’s hands, Nicole frowned and withdrew her hand, but he held her tightly.

He did not move and did not allow her to refuse Nicole was slightly stunned and did not struggle again. Instead, she raised her eyes to look at him.

She met his gaze and faintly hooked the corners of her lips. Her voice was gentle but without a trace of warmth.

“Mr. Ferguson, sometimes wishful thinking is just as annoying as being brazen-faced. Just as how you hated me when I insisted on marrying you back then, I now understand what you felt.”

– They had completely switched positions. Hearing her words, Eric’s body stiffened slightly. His

gentle smile froze on his face, and a dull pain spread in his chest.

Panic spread from the bottom of his heart and expanded infinitely. Eric opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Nicole did not give him the chance. “Kai, are you there?” She

shouted towards the door.

“I’m here!” Kai answered without hesitation and pushed the door in. He would stand by his sister at all times and would not give others the slightest chance to hurt her.

Nicole smiled and looked at Eric. “Mr. Ferguson, I’ve said everything that I wanted to. Now, I’d like to get some rest.”

> Eric stood there, unmoved. His gaze was deep as he looked at Nicole’s stunning face which had such a cold smile that was like a sharp knife stabbing his heart, bringing him bursts of pain, He clenched his fists at his sides.

There were countless words of regret that he could not say because she simply did not want to hear them. Nicole did not even hate him now. She was just ignoring his emotions.

Kai coughed and looked at him harshly. “Eric Ferguson, didn’t you hear her say she was tired? Can you leave?” Kai did not like Eric because anyone who had hurt his sister was an evil person! Thus, there was no need to be polite to him. Nicole had already turned away.

She stroked Tigger and leaned back comfortably. Eric saw the determination and frankness under her eyes and felt his heart clench. It was an indefinable feeling, He finally realized that

Nicole really didnot like him anymore.

Eric was silent for a few seconds. His voice was still gentle but it was hoarse, deep, and

despondent. “Rest well then.” After that, he turned to leave.

Before he reached the door, he stopped in his tracks and said in a deep voice, “What I said was sincere. Perhaps you can’t accept it at this moment, but Nicole, I really do regret it.”

Eric then left the room without hesitation, Kai frowned and was puzzled. “What did he say to


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