The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 286

Chapter 286 Give Me Another Chance

Eric’s voice was magnetic mellow, deep, and raspy.

The emotions in his eyes were suppressed and restrained.

As soon as his words fell, the air almost froze. The blood on Nicole’s face drained in an instant.

Her eyes carried disbelief.

“Have I misheard? He wanted…

Me? The person who wanted to throw me away like a bag of trash back then actually chose me?!

Nicole was perplexed and could not believe what she just heard, What exactly did Eric Fergusons want?

The silence in the air gradually ate away at her calmness.

Eric’s eyes were locked onto Nicole’s face, watching every emotion and detail from her eyes closely.

Shock amazement, detachment, resistance…

Fortunately, among so many emotions, there was no disgust! Eric moved closer to her and wanted to touch her hair. He wanted her to feel that his affection was real.

He was sincere. However, before he could touch her, Nicole subconsciously backed away like she was afraid of him.

Earlier, Nicole did not react when Nathaniel was so close to her, but she dodged Eric like the


Her avoidance deeply stung Eric’s heart, Eric pretended as if nothing had happened,

He hooked his lips into a smile, but the emotions in his eyes surged.

His voice was raspy and gentle, with extreme restraint.

“Nicole, I wasn’t joking.

During this time, I’m not much better than you. I think that perhaps our divorce was too rash…

Nicole’s brow was tightly locked.

She suddenly realized something and turned to look at him.

The undisguised joy and glee in the man’s eyes were like fire. It almost burned her.

The moment she saw through the emotions in his eyes, her heart trembled violently.

“Did I just see nostalgia and fondness in his eyes?’ At that moment, the feelings in Nicole’s heart that were like a stagnant pool of water rippled from the rock that was suddenly thrown in

It was not from joy, but shock. However, it only lasted for a split second. Nicole withdrew her gaze and resumed her stoic attitude,

Nicole hooked the corners of her lips and raised her eyes to look at him. There was no trace of warmth in her eyes. “Mr. Ferguson, what was too rash was our marriage.”

The divorce was a decision she made after three years of deliberation. For her, it was a relief. Once Nicole’s words came out, Eric’s body stiffened.

His gentle face became tense, and the emotions in his eyes shattered inch by inch. Nicole met

his gaze without any avoidance.

If he had asked for anything else, even if he wanted to demand an exorbitant sum, Nicole had no

reason to refuse.

However, if he wanted a romantic relationship, Nicole no longer had the heart to step into that pit of fire again. “Nicole, just give me one more chance. I’ll….”

Eric’s face was pale as he looked at her almost pleadingly. Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Nicole

“Mr. Ferguson, don’t tell me that you’re regretting the divorce and that you fell for me now, do you?” Eric looked at Nicole and nodded. “Yes.” His voice was hoarse and dry.

Eric admitted that Nicole was irreplaceable in his life.

He admitted that he had never been so clear about his affection for her.

He admitted that when he learned of Nicole’s accident, the kind of heart-wrenching pain was so

unbearable that she must be the love of his life,

Their divorce was truly the stupidest thing he had ever done.

If he could do this all over again, he would have given anything to have Nicole back by his side! However, when Nicole got that answer, she merely hooked the corners of her lips and gave him the death sentence in such a calm and composed manner.

“Mr. Ferguson, everything between us is in the past.

I no longer care for it, and I’ve long lost any interest in you. So, it’s really not suitable to talk about feelings between us.

I am truly grateful for everything you’ve done by risking your life to save me, so if you want anything you can go to my father and my eldest brother directly.

They certainly won’t refuse you.”

Nicole did not want to talk about repayment.

Even though the Ferguson family was not lacking money, who would ever complain of having too much money? It would be more appropriate for Floyd and Grant to deal with this.

Nicole’s distant and polite attitude came as a surprise to Eric. “Tve long lost any interest in you…”

This sentence, more than her mockery or resentment, made Eric feel so lost.

He felt like thin needles pierced all his organs, which brought him unimaginable pain.

A bitterness suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart, which made him feel powerless.

Eric had long lost that Nicole from three years ago who only had eyes for him.

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