The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 285

Chapter 285 I Want You

Nicole felt an oncoming headache. Before this, Nicole had always thought that Nathaniel was just a poor explorer.

Had she known that Nathaniel was Eric Ferguson’s nephew she would not have promised so

blatantly that she would support him for the rest of her life.

I can’t afford to take care of this gentry!” Nicole thought. “L… Before Nicole could finish her sentence, Kai interrupted her.

“Is the Ferguson family trying to blackmail us? Just state your price then. It’s not like we can’t afford this money!” It’s merely $15 billion! Only those pirates who haven’t seen the world think it’s so much anyway.

Kai then looked at Nathaniel and frowned. “Where do you get the cheek to cling onto our family, huh? Feeding you is just a waste of resources! Get lost!” Nathaniel did not mind Kai’s attitude,

Instead, he smiled politely at Kai. “Third Brother… I’m young, strong, and obedient. I swear it’s not a waste of resources to help me. What’s more, I can support myself too.

All I want is to be with Nicki forever…” After those words fell, Kai could instantly feel the drop in temperature in the room. It was inexplicably cold. When Kai turned around, he saw Eric’s dark

and sullen face.

Kai laughed coldly, “Don’t even think about it! Stop dreaming in broad daylight!” Seeing that they were about to quarrel, Nicole helplessly interrupted them.

“K, stop. I did promise Niel before this.” Nathaniel beamed as his eyes lit up.

*However, that was before I knew of your identity. Since you hid the truth from me, whatever i promised you will be greatly discounted.”

Nicole saw Nathaniel’s eyes dim in an instant. He looked so lost.

Thinking about what Eric just said about Nathaniel being kicked out of the Ferguson family, Nicole thought that Nathaniel probably had a hard time,

*How about this… Mr. Ferguson, I’ll get my brother to pay you back twice as much for all that you’ve paid for during this time, including manpower and the ransom.

This, of course, included Nathaniel’s share. Nicole raised her eyes and looked at Eric.

This was the best way she could think of to thank him. She would pay for his services so they would not owe each other anything.

After she proposed this, Eric’s face became even more sullen and depressed. Eric started at her

with his dark eyes that were overflowing with such complex emotions, but he suppressed them

with all his might.

He tried hard to calm himself down. The silence and atmosphere in this room became somewhat bizarre. Nicole pursed her lips and thought, Perhaps this isn’t enough for him?’ She tried again.

“Of course, Stanton Corporation will give up all our shares in the Yewshire development.” This was not a small amount of money.

Eric had personally created the blueprint of this project, which would eventually be hundreds of billions of profits

Thus Eric would know the value of it best.

“Nicole, do you think that this is all I want?” Eric said through gritted teeth with so much forbearance. His gaze was dark, deep, and bottomless. Nicole frowned.

“Still not enough?!” Nathaniel coughed on the side. “Uncle Eric, that’s already quite a lot…. “Shut up! Get out of here!” Eric finally found someone to vent his overwhelming anger at.

His eyes were red, and he looked very intimidating. Nathaniel opened his mouth and wanted to retort, but he feared Eric’s powerful aura since he was young, so he had no choice but to leave dejected. Eric looked at Kai.

His eyes were dark, but his tone was as gentle as possible.

“Please leave as well.” Compared to the reproach Nathaniel got this was considered relatively


Kai snorted coldly. Who the hell does he think he is?: Self-righteous bastard! Why should I? I’m protecting my sister!” Nicole paused and said, “K, leave us first. We need to talk in private.” 2) Kai frowned and wanted to insist on staying, but seeing Nicole’s resolute attitude, he reluctantly agreed.

Fine, l’ll listen this time! Once everyone went out the room fell back into silence. Nicole sat on the hospital bed. Since she was injured, she looked a little pale and her eyes were not as cold as


She seemed gentler and softer and was still as beautiful as before. The long silence made Nicole feel uncomfortable.

She was extremely uncomfortable being alone with Eric. Finally, she could not stand the silence anymore. She looked up at him with a calm face,

“Mr. Ferguson, you might as well get to the point. What do you want? Nicole had a negotiating stance, only this time, she had already made a lot of concessions. Eric’s eyes sank

He looked at her with a complicated and restrained gaze.

There were so many emotions that were buried in the bottom of his heart, so how could he explain it to her at once? Under Nicole’s intent stare, Eric put aside his ego and had a humble attitude.

His voice was raspy and deep, with a hint of nostalgia. “I want you, Nicole.”

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