The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Our Family Isn’t Broke, Right?

Nicole was slightly stunned. Her heart shook and her eyes instantly became sore.

She quickly lowered her head to hide her emotions.

‘Eric…’ Nicole knew very well that if it was not for Eric Ferguson, she would never have had a chance to survive.

However, how was she supposed to repay him for saving her life? The doctor quietly left, and the room fell silent again.

Nicole’s chest felt heavy, like a boulder pressing down on her, making it hard to breathe.

At this time, Kai quietly slipped in and sighed with relief when he saw no one else there.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that they saved you, I wouldn’t have put up with those fools! These past few days have been so suffocating!” Kai complained.

Nicole laughed and asked, “How are dad, G, and Mav?” Kai went over and stroked her hair.

“Mav’s right here on the deck. If it weren’t for him, I would still be roaming around where your plane crashed, literally searching for a needle in a haystack.

I guess having a high IQ has its advantages…” Nicole could not help but burst out in laughter.

She felt very relieved. Deep down, she knew that the only one who could find her would be her second brother.

He was indeed the Great God Maverick! “G’s fine. Dad’s in the hospital, but he’s recovering.”

Nicole instantly turned anxious. “Is everything okay?” “How can everything be okay? In the few days after your plane crash, we couldn’t even find a body or anything.

In a moment of distress, Dad even wanted to donate all our family fortune!” Nicole raised her eyes to look at Kai in shock and cautiously asked, “Tell me our family isn’t broke, right?” ‘Oh no… Will I still be able to splurge on things?’ Nicole wondered. Kai patted her shoulder and sighed heavily.

“Don’t worry, I stopped that from happening. I won’t let you be a broke *ss!” Nicole let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good! She looked down and saw that her clothes had been changed.

She felt clean and did not feel as wretched as she did back on the island.

With Kai and Maverick around, Nicole did not have to worry about anything.

“Why is Eric Ferguson here?” It was unexpected that he would come to her rescue. At the mention of this name, Kai had nothing good to say.

“Cuz he’s thick-skinned!” Maverick pushed the door in at this moment.

When he heard Kai’s words, he frowned slightly and chided.

“K, how many times have I told you to look at the facts!” Tigger happily jumped onto Nicole’s bed, The clean and cute little tiger whirled around in front of her.

Nicole stroked its soft little head and stretched out her hand at Maverick.

She smiled with squinted eyes. “Mav, I knew you’d come to save me!” Afraid of ripping her wounds, Maverick hugged Nicole gently, then glanced at Kai.

“We have no other way to approach this sea, so Grant went to Eric for help. Eric’s been with Kai searching everywhere for you since the plane accident. He spent just as many resources as we did.

The risk he took to go to the island is huge as well. Objectively speaking, Grant and I never expected Eric to be able to do this.” Nicole’s smile froze on her face.

Her heart seemed to be electrocuted with a slight tingling sensation. The gloominess in her eyes became more obvious.

She would have been ecstatic to hear this if this was before their divorce, but now… She could no longer afford any favors from him.

Kai was dissatisfied with Maverick’s attitude and snorted.

“Hmph! If he hadn’t given Lil N that stupid invitation, she wouldn’t even need to suffer all this in the first place! He’s the perpetrator, so it’s only right for him to help!” Maverick frowned helplessly.

“You should look at this objectively.

The plane malfunctioning isn’t his responsibility.” “Even so, he’s still to blame for this! Anyway, I don’t appreciate whatever he does.

Lil N, just ignores him. Mav’s brain must be muddled. How can he side with Eric Ferguson?!” Kai walked over and held Nicole’s hand.

He stroked her hair lovingly and did not want to pay attention to Maverick.

Nicole hooked up the corners of her lips.” You guys should stop arguing. Both of you have very valid points.”

The corner of Kai’s lips twitched. He snorted slightly and said reluctantly,” Whatever, peacemaker!”

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