The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Lambs to the Slaughter

As soon as Nicole heard this, she immediately dismissed the idea of turning around and running.

It would be too pitiful if they got shot to death from behind! However, what could they do if they could not run? The air was terribly cold, and the smell of cigarette smoke permeated with the fishy smell of the seawater engulfed them.

The three men were right in front of them.

At this rate, they would not be able to hold out any longer. Nathaniel was so scared that he began to tremble.

Although he was an explorer, he had never experienced anything like this before! Nicole was not much better, but when she saw the pirates approaching, her heart gradually calmed down instead.

Three men approached, two of them tall with strong bodies. The other one was a little shorter and thinner, but his face was cold, and his hawk-like eyes were the most terrifying of all.

He looked at her with a gaze that was intense and filled with greed. Although Nicole’s clothes were wretched, her beautiful and elegant features could not be concealed.

Noticing his gaze, Nicole glared fiercely at the slightly shorter and thinner man that was closest to her. 2/9 Chapter 275 Lambs to the Slaughter The man let out a provocative sneer.

His cold and sinister eyes glinted with danger. He whistled and sized her up with a lewd gaze. The next moment, he raised the gun and pointed the cold barrel under her chin, forcing her to tilt her head up.

He looked at her like a vanquisher surveying his plunder.

His evil laugh as he joked with his companions was filled with coldness and greed. “Look, this woman’s quite a fetch.

We got ourselves a large haul this time…)) The men at the back laughed arrogantly and unrestrainedly in agreement.

Their eyes seemed to graze Nicole’s neck like the tongue of a venomous snake.

This was their territory, and Nicole was but their prey. The pirates on the ship in the distance watched this scene with great interest.

The atmosphere was tense.

They all knew that Nicole and Nathaniel could not escape.

Nicole’s body stiffened, but her heart settled down.

The howling sea breeze blew around her face.

It was prickling, but it made her particularly clear-headed and calm.

Her fists at her sides clenched tightly and her palms bled from her nails digging into them, but it did not matter.

She could still smell the burnt gunpowder on the barrel of the gun after it was discharged.

It was a warning of death.

At the moment when the pirates looked at each other and laughed, Nicole suddenly reached out and grabbed the gun in front of her.

Then, she suddenly turned sideways and yanked it forward fiercely.

Her other hand used all its strength to pry the man’s fingers away, and all she heard was a muffled grunt from him. He looked at her incredulously.

This seemingly soft and meek woman actually dared to fight back against him? Nicole did not give him the chance to retaliate.

In the blink of an eye, his gun was in her hand.

She flipped the gun so that the barrel was pointing at the pirates instead.

She kicked the man to the ground, making him kneel in front of her.

The other two men had stopped laughing and looked at Nicole warily.

There was obvious anger and hostility on their faces.

Two guns were aimed at her, while Nicole’s gun was aimed at the head of the pirate on the ground, In an instant, the situation changed.

The lax and arrogant pirates became cold and tense. Nicole smiled coldly.

They were not lambs to the slaughter, and the pirates were not invincible wolves. Nathaniel was shocked at this scene and immediately stood beside Nicole, helping her to subdue the man on the ground Nicole gave Nathaniel an approving look.

Opposite them, the pirates cussed and glared viciously at Nicole.

This damned woman! Their guns were not props. A bullet could shoot out of the barrel at any second “Do you want to die? Let him go!” Nicole’s gaze was grim

. She laughed coldly as she fiercely knocked the man’s head with the back of the gun.

“I want a helicopter.’ “Impossible!” One of them cursed at her for her insane demand! How dare she threaten pirates on their turf? She was asking for death! Nicole did not expect her demand to be met.

However, since she had a bargaining chip, she suddenly became less afraid.

The other pirates shouted toward the distance, and the men on the ship were swiftly dispatched.

Their trained response carried a ruthless killing intent as countless muzzles were soon aimed at Nicole..

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