The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 274

Chapter 274 No, I’m scared

Nicole almost cried when she heard those names. She wanted to jump up with joy.

“My brother is here!” She almost thought that she was going to die here! The countless heavy boulders piling on her chest almost made her unable to hold on! The rumbling noise in the air was endless as if they were calling out to them.

Nicole had never found the sound of a helicopter so pleasing to her ears. It was so sweet that it pulled her back from the border of death! It was her flame of hope, her light at the end of the tunnel! She ran twice as fast as usual.

Nathaniel was also very excited. He found another path in front and looked back at her as they ran. “Nikki, we’re going back together. You won’t leave me behind, right?” Nicole looked at him joyfully and smiled.

“Of course I won’t!” “After we go back, you can’t ignore me no matter what happens, okay?” “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your fortune and glory for the rest of your life!” Nicole thought that Nathaniel was worried that she would change her mind and refuse to acknowledge him.

‘It’s just one man, so it’s certainly not a problem to support him! In a moment of excitement, Nicole did not notice what was by her feet and tripped on a tree branch. Her face instantly turned white with pain.

Nathaniel went up and pulled her up. “Don’t rush. What if it’s a trap? Wouldn’t we be running straight into it like this? Nicole shook her head, excited and confident.

“No, it’s not a trap. It must be my brother. He’s a genius with the highest IQ!” As long as they could locate Tigger, they would know that she was here! For twenty minutes, they ran with all their might.

Nicole fell several times, and the clothes on her body were ripped and muddied to the point where it was impossible to tell what they originally looked like.

Her white and slender hands were riddled with wounds and drenched with blood. It was quite a shocking sight. However, Nicole did not seem to care at all and did not cry in pain.

After running out of the jungle, the view opened up to a stretch of the beach. Three helicopters hovered there, their huge propellers spinning deafeningly.

There were also eight speedboats not far from the shore, each with six to seven tall and fierce men standing on board. They were all armed with guns and wore sunglasses as they stood on standby.

The sea breeze swept up the huge waves, angrily crashing against the rocks, solemn and chilling. The scene looked cold and serious, making people tremble at the oppressive sight.

The intimidating scene did not look at all like a rescue mission, especially when Nicole saw the three men in military uniforms standing closest to her.

Each of them carried a gun and stood there leisurely while smoking. A bitter chill rose in Nicole’s heart as fear burrowed into her bones! At that moment, the men looked at Nicole and Nathaniel, who had walked straight into their trap.

Their surprised and playful eyes revealed danger and coldness inside, freezing Nicole’s blood. The men started to laugh, which sounded brash and wild.

Nicole and Nathaniel’s faces were so pale as if they had just seen a ghost. Nathaniel’s hand that was holding Nicole’s trembled slightly. “P-Pirates!” Nicole tried to keep her cool, but her heart was beating frantically.

Intuition was always accurate. Just by looking at the three men carrying guns, she knew that they were the pirates who had chased after them earlier.

After they were driven away by the indigenous people, they waited here for their prey to jump right into their trap! In the end, Nicole and Nathaniel basically served themselves up on a silver platter.

Nicole stood there. Her mind was completely blank. Her heartfelt like it was immersed in iced water, and all she could feel was a bone-chilling fear.

She had never felt so much despair before. It was like a dark cloud was hanging right above her head. Nicole wanted to cry her eyes out.

‘Why? Why am I being tested time and time again on my desperation and survivability?! The three pirates threw away their cigarettes and exchanged a glance before unhurriedly walking over to Nicole and Nathaniel.

Their prey was already in their hands, so there was no need to rush. Nicole gritted her teeth and suppressed the fear in her heart.  “Let’s run…” Nathaniel’s voice suppressed a tremor. “No, I’m scared. They have guns…”…”…”…”

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