The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Number One Jinx

Nicole chewed on the fish expressionlessly. Without any seasoning, she could not taste the freshness of the fish.

The fish was washed ashore by the sea, and Nathaniel picked it up and roasted it over some dried leaves.

Except for the salty and fishy smell, it was just bland and tasteless.

“I want to eat at that old French restaurant in the streets of Paris, coupled with a glass of white wine.

It’s simply perfection…” > Nathaniel ate with gusto. When he heard her words, he looked up at her and came over with a smile.

a “Nikki, if you don’t want to eat, you can give it to me…” He made a move to grab the fish from her.

Nicole dodged and glared at him while guarding her food. “You’d better watch out! Or else… Tigger will bite you…” To the side, Tigger bared its teeth at Nathaniel.

Nathaniel said tentatively, “If you’re bored, go dress up like the indigenous people. I’ll show you their community.” Nicole immediately shook her head.

He wanted her to walk to her death just because of boredom? Just hearing the words “indigenous people” scared her, much less dressing up like them! Absolutely not! The sky was cloudless, revealing an endless stretch of clean and clear blue.

The sea breeze blew in waves. It was refreshing and natural. However, Nicole did not appreciate it at all.

When would her restless and thrilling days end… Just as she was immersed in her boundless sadness, the sudden sound of a rumbling engine roar came from the distant sea.

Before Nathaniel could react, Nicole ran out to a spot with a higher elevation and waved at the little shadow in the sea. “Help…” The speedboat got closer and closer, and the sound also grew louder.

However, before Nicole could be happy, Nathaniel pulled her and ran, his voice cold and resolute. “Hurry up and run! They’re pirates.” Nicole’s expression turned fearful as she shut her mouth.

She picked Tigger up and started to run. 1 Nathaniel almost laughed in exasperation when he saw how eager she was to flee. ) “Run into the jungle…” There was hesitation in Nicole’s voice, but her footsteps did not falter.

“Aren’t those indigenous people in there?” “They’re much kinder than the pirates, ) at least…” That was true! The two of them ran without looking back, determined and resolute.


The cold wind blew on their faces, piercing and painful They ran until they were out of breath but did not dare to stop for a moment.

This was even more serious than the situation that rainy night! That was because they could hear the rough footsteps and unbridled laughter behind them as the pirates fired a few warning gunshots.

It was like a savage and primitive game of chase, with them as the prey. Nicole’s fear had never emerged so quickly. Every nerve in her body seemed to tremble in fear. Suddenly, she slipped, and her knees slammed to the ground with a dull thud.

It sounded like she broke her bone. Nathaniel turned around and saw her biting her lower lip in pain.

He tried to approach her so that he could carry her. However, Nicole pushed him away and gritted her teeth, standing up with her hands braced on the ground. She gave him a miserable smile. “Save your energy.

I can still run.” Nathaniel looked at her and finally nodded. He reached out and pulled her arm while running forward, not stopping for a moment. Her knee hurt excruciatingly.

It felt like her leg was about to be crippled. However, she could not stop.

She ran numbly, but the cold sweat beading on her forehead betrayed the pain she was trying so hard to endure! The gunshots behind them got louder as the footsteps gradually approached them.

Nicole’s heart shuddered violently. It was like a hand was squeezing her throat, and her body’s limits struggled against her consciousness.

She followed the orders of her consciousness without a moment of hesitation. The cold wind was interspersed with the occasional sound of gunfire.

They did not dare relax for even a moment! Their expressions grew gloomier, but they could only speed up their pace and run forward desperately.

The pirates must have seen the SOS mark left by Nicole and tracked them down. Seeing the smoke rising from the primitive tribe ahead, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Nathaniel pulled her around the side and hid behind a large and thick tree trunk. This was where they had stored the dried branches before. The branches still carried the strong smell of fish oil. “Bang-

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