The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Finding Your IQ Is Like Trying to Find a Needle in a Haystack

Kai froze in place from shock.

These days, he had been afraid to think about it and did not dare to accept reality.

What if there was a chance? However, once Maverick finished, Kai suddenly crouched down and trembled fiercely.

The grown man, Kai, broke down in tears.

Logan, who was standing by the side, also felt emotional.

His eyes reddened because he felt the same way.

Maverick looked at Kai silently.

“Sorry, I came out too late.”

If Maverick had not shut himself in the laboratory for the secret research, he would have known about this long ago. With his high 10, Maverick very calmly analyzed all the details and possibilities, then corrected all the deviations bit by bit.

Tigger’s tracker did not respond at all, and there was no trace of it even on the satellite map, which meant that it was probably being blocked by some high-tech instruments.

Therefore, their search range should be set in the sea two thousand nautical miles away from their current location.

Kai called everyone to stop the search and rescue work here and change directions immediately.

Maverick continued to look at the satellite map on the computer and slowly pieced together the situation in that part of the sea.

There were many small islands, which meant there were many dangers.

He fell silent Kai called Floyd in high spirits and told him not to donate their assets so quickly.

In the end, Floyd scolded him and called him inhumane for thinking about money even at this point.

Maverick looked at the sullen Kai and snorted coldly.

“Finding your IQ is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.”

Kai wanted to retort but thought better of it.

After all, Maverick really did crush everyone in terms of IQ. A mercenary leader questioned wh they would be going to that part of the sea and said that they did not want to go.

Kai finally had a hope he could hold on to, so he naturally would not give it up. “State your price. Money is not a problem.” )) The mercenary shook his head and refused.

“It’s not a matter of money. The situation in that sea is complicated.

We’re afraid that we won’t be able to come back alive if we go there.

The reason why no governments have sent peacekeepers to that area is that those seas and islands are infested with pirates.

Their base camp is on one of those islands. No one will be able to ) return after entering.” Kai’s heart chilled and he looked at Maverick for a plea for help.

What now? Maverick hesitated for a moment and picked up the satellite phone to call Grant. Before hanging up the phone, Grant only said, “Alright. Wait for my news.”

Grant was silent for a full minute before going to the Ferguson Villa.

Ferguson Villa Old Master Ferguson had locked Eric in his room for two days and two nights. Eric refused to eat anything, but countless bottles were strewn all over the room.

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He looked disheveled and listless as he hugged a bottle of wine and shrunk himself in a corner. His mouth continued to chant Nicole’s name. Keith Ludwig and Colton White tried to console him several times but to no avail.

Where was the spirited, cool, and noble Eric Ferguson that they knew? He really fell under Nicole’s spell! When Grant arrived and saw this scene, he could not help but frown. “Mr. Ferguson, what if I told you that…

Nicole might be able to come back?” If he remembered correctly when Eric first took over Ferguson Corporation, several veterans in the corporation refused to accept him and colluded to set up a trap for him.

When several oil tankers passed through the Atlantic oceans, they were suddenly attacked by pirates and robbed.

At that time, the foreign officials and military did not care about such international disputes. In general, most people could only blame it on bad luck if a situation like this happened.

However, Eric drove a speedboat and rushed at the pirate crew. Everyone thought that he was surely dead, but he came back alive and even brought back the crude oil as well! At that time, this incident had shocked the world.

Eric was the first person who could escape from the pirates and make them retreat empty-handed.

Thus, if there was even a sliver of hope in this rescue operation, it would be Eric. Grant told him the full situation without caring much about Eric’s drunken state.

If the pirates wanted money, then it would be easy to settle. Grant was just afraid that they wanted Nicole’s life instead. As soon as Grant left, Eric got up in a panic and told Mitchell to prepare a plane.

He had to go there immediately.

He took out an old phone and a gun from the safe, then strode out of the room with determination.

Old Master Ferguson’s men simply could not stop Eric, who had the vigor of a madman. Old Master Ferguson could only watch his grandson leave and stomped his feet in anger.

As long as there was a glimmer of hope for Nicole, Eric would be willing to risk his life for her!

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