The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Don’t !Rush to Donate
Nicole already had a reeling that
“Na thaniel lacked money. After all, why would he do such a d angerous job if he was not short of money?”
Shepatted his shoulder.
“unon’t worry, Ihave nothing if not”
“money. If we ever getout, you neverhave”
toworry about not having money to
“spend as long as I’m around!,.”
Natha niel instantly grew emotional and
looked at her with hot tears in his eyes.
“””Nikki, I’ll leavethe rest of my life in”
“your hands.”””
“11No problem!”””
“Nicole agreed easily. Wltl1 l1er weal1h, was”
h hard to taketare o’f a friend ‘s f inancial needs?
In the capital of Mediania.
Maverick heard about Nicole’s accident
“when he finally came out of the research institute laboratory . Without a word, he immed iately took a helicopter to that sea.”
“Kai had not returned, which meant that”
the matter was not settled yet.
The celebrities and d·igni taries who had
friendships with the Stantons alsodid not dare to poke at their heartbreak at this
“However, those who thought highly of”
themselves and fancied themselves smart rushed toinquire about Nicole 1s residence so they could send condolence flowers.
“Th is caused Floyd, whose health had jus t”
“hnproved, to be read1nitted to the”
hospital again after a tit of anger.
Grant ln1n1ediately issued a ban.Whoever
dared tosend anothe.r flower wreath
would have it returned 10whoever sent it.
“With that, those who refused to sit still”
finally became quiet..
Anything related to Nicole’s accident also
became taboo for onUne newsoutlets.
The media gave a desperate order for no
one to talk about this matter.
Everyone could tell that theStanton
family refused to ad mit that Nicole was dead. They really lov-.d her as a daughter and sister…
“At sea,two thousand nautical miles away”
from the Island.
Maverick was on a flight for ten hours
before reaching the cruise ship that Kai
was on.
A large amount of wreckage from the
“planewas salvaged, but not a single person on board was found.”
They might already beburied in the
bellies of fish.
“The more tin1e passed, the more”
unpleasant Kai’sexpression became.
“As soon as Maverick arrived on the ship,”
“he saw Kai drinking away his sorrows while watching the underwater camera leed.Kai’s eyes were completely bloodshot, and Maverick wondered how many days it had been since Kai had a”
wink of sleep.
“LOgan did not dare to lalk Kai out of this,”
so he was very pleasantly surprised when he saw Maverick
“””Second Young Master Stanton! 11”
Maverick nodded slightly and had his
computer equipment moved to the ship.
“””Stop drinking.Dad ‘s going to donate all”
“our farnHy assets, including yours…u”
Kai did notsee1n rocare. He shnply
looked devast11ted.
uJust donate It all… 11
J\1averick gave him a sideways glance.
11 Haven’t you ever thought about what Lil
N will do If shecomesback and finds
“herself penniless?”””
“Kai frowned.””Then Dad shouldn’t donate”
“…Wait, doyou mean… Lil N canstill come”
Maverick tapped away on the keyboard
with a heavy expression. He stared
intently at the string of words that flew
across the screen and.nodded without hesitation.
Kai jumped up in excitement. He ran over
to Maverick with snot running down his nose.
“uRea.lly?!Areyou serious?”””
“rn the Stan1on family , Grant had the most”
“au1horh y second to r:loyd, and Maverick was the onewilh the highest IQ, ‘!’hiswas”
a well-known fact.
Kai had no advantage other than being
good-looking. •
Maverick’s words strengthened Kai’s
confidence in the fruit)ess search for their
“baby sister, so he got very emotional.”
Maverick said in a calm and composed
“voice, “”The black box on the plane was taken away by the Liberty government , but I contacted a hacker friend to crack”
the flight record in the black box.”
Kai’s eyeswidened. ‘Would this notcause
an international dispute?’
“””Just one minute before the plane”
“exploded, there was: a huge deviation in the plane’s flight path.Theplace where it exploded and crashed was in this part of”
“the sea, but…”””
“Ka i was anxious and hurriedly asked, 0”
But what?11
Maverick pursed his :Ups and spoke with a
deep gaze.
“0But in that one minute, a mysterious”
“signal tried tocorrect the flight deviation. That signal was sent by Tigger, and the location where it finally disappeared was a thousand nautical miles away from the crash. lf Tigger was a qualified Al robot, it would’ve guided Lil N to safety and gave”
“heran early warning.”” J”

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