The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 269

Chapter : 269 I Lack Money
“Nicole’ s eyes felr sore. “”They must llllnk”
rhar I ‘m dead…My dad and my brorhers
“must be sosad right now…”””
Nathanie l paused and looked up ar her.
He fell a Unle heanache at her expression of despair.
“””We still need rohave a. lirlle hope…”””
“11VJhat hope?”””
Nicole looked up at him with shining
“eyes, as ff reflecting a sea or srars.”
“Nathaniel froze beforesaying, “””
“Throughout hisrory, there have accounrs of people who have crossed the seas by”
“Nicole &did, “”Willyou sh111 UJ>?I”””
Nicolo laid down on a pile of leaves and
unknowingly drifted of!Intoa deepsleep.
When Tigger realized that they were no
“longer In danger, It poked out ol Nicole’ s pocket and went to explore thecave.”
Nathaniel caught Tlgger with nimble
movementsand appraised It.
“””Nikki carries a pet with her?”””
Tigger’sfour legs flailed in the air.
“..Let go!I’m atiger, nota pet!”””
Nathaniel’s eyes shined.
“””It’s a talking fake tiger!”””
Tigger’s whiskers trembled with anger.
This wasan insult to his sell-esteem as a tiger!
“””I’m a real tiger!”””
Na thaniel chuckled and spun Tlgger In
“circles by Its tall, like a ca11oylng with a”
“Tigger yelled In anger, “”Mama, saveme! I”
“•m gonna get killed …”””
Nathan iel immediately covered Tigger’s
“mouth and cast a gull ty glance at Nicole, who was still fast asleep, before hesighed”
in relief .
“11 No more screaming!,”
“He let go of Tigger, who jumped to the”
ground and held its head high proudly.
“unfortunately, Tigger was dirty, so no”
one could see itsclean and lovely appearance from before.
Tigger tilted itshead and looked up at
“””I know you! Nathaniel Ferguson isa well”
“-known social media influencer. Your adventure documentary has won five consecutive international awards, and you have fans ail over the world! You’re also the great-grandS<m of the Chairman”
of Ferguson Corporation.You’r e from a
“powerful family.”””
“Nathaniel was originally just surprised,”
“but when he heard the last sentence, his eyes darkened slightly.”
uvou know quite a lot1 huh…’·’
“When Nathaniel first got popular, his”
“close friends found out his Identity, but the news quickly disappeared.”
“””Of course! My databaise has information”
“from allaround the world.As longas something appears on the internet once, I ’11 know about it!11”
“Nathaniel smiled and picked Tigger up,”
placing it on his palm.
“””You can’t tell Nikki that Eric is my uncle,”
“otherwise… I wonder ifthose Indigenous people like toeat tigers…”””
‘I’igger’s eyes widened and spunaround
“HYou dare threaten a tiger?!”””
“Nathaniel said, 11Uh·huh…11”
Tlgger’s vigor weakened significantly.
“””Mama hatesthe Ferguson family the”
most! You’re afraid tha t she’ll abandon
“you when someone cornes to her rescue,”
Na thaniel raised his brows. ‘Hah! This
“Cake tiger read my tlloughts? It’s quire cap;ible, huh…’”
Nicole finally got a good night’s sleep
without having to worry about being
roasted by the indigenous people.
“Thewaves washed over the rocks, and the”
loud howling wind wokeher up.
“When she opened her eyes, the first thing”
shesawwasTigger squatting next to her.
“Itstared at her with wide, round eyes, looking soditsy and adorable.”
“As soon as Nicole readll!d out, •rigger”
tacitly jumped Into her hand and nuz:i.led
her chin.
11Nathaniel went to fetch seawater.
“Manta, I loveyou…”””
Nicole smiled and stretched her back
“””I loveyou too…0”
“When Nathaniel came back, he started”
distilling freshwater from seawater.
He bad no choice. Nathaniel could handle
“anything himself, but thismelodramatic”
woman Nicole could not
Nicole pondered. She could not just sit
here and wait. She began topick up some relatively reflective stones on the beach and arranged the SOS symbol on the huge
Just in casea helicopter passed by and
saw it…
‘l’igger reluctantly helped Nicole push the
stones with its cute and tiny tiger legs.
“””Mr. f’erguson…11”
uJust call me Niel.n
Nathaniel leisurely held acup of precious
freshwater and took a sip. He winked at
her with a smile and was very friend ly.
His naturally approachable personality
made Nicole feelvery comfortablearound him.
“Nicole paused .’Well, sure…AS long ashe’”
sokay with it.’
“u Niel, do you have any wishes? I’ll help”
“you realize them when weget back.”””
Nathaniel paused and looked at her very
“””I lack money.11”

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