The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 268

Chapter 268 He Went to the South
Pole for an Expedition
Thesouth Pole?!
Nicole’s heart sank fiercely.
Itwas not certain If that explorer friend
“of his would survive or not,let alone”
expect him tocome and savethem.
That was just wishful thinking!
“SO,when a.iiwas said and done, there was”
stlll no hope?
Nicole turned pale.Nathaniel did hisown
thi ng and took out a li.ghter from his bag beforebegJnnlng to bo’llwater.
“””Then…Can you contact the outside”
Nath aniel gave her aslncere look that
dlspell<‘ll all her hope•.
“””Haven’!you lhoughl aboul how to leave”
“thl.s place?!”””
“””I have.I thought tha1a foolwould come”
“here so Ihat when someone comes 10her rescue,!hey can lake me along as well!In any case, I’m almost done with the content I’m looking for .”””
Nicole was speechless.
‘Is he saying 1hat I’m a fool?!’
This knowledge completelydispelled her
joy.What atragedy!
“Nathaniel skillfully distilled the seawate.r,”
“then proceeded todistill the already­ distllled seawate.r. After repeating this process or distillation several times, he finally! his bead to 1aste it. He”
took a sip and handed 1he rest to Nicole.
“11 Drlnk u,>!You haven’l hadwater for”
“severctl days, right?11”
“Nicole look i.””I h•ven ‘l had anything 10”
“drink sincecoming hl!rc…”””
She still remembered that the last thing
shedrank before coming here was a glass ol rose handed to her by the Olght
Nicole chugged the distilled water in a
few gulps and looked at Nathaniel bashfully.
“11’fhere’s nomore…”” She said sheepishly.”
“””Next time then…11”
Itwas because she only brought a small
amount of seawater back!
Not much was left after distillation!
“11Did you have enough?”””
Nicole clearly saw that he did not drink
Nathaniel looked at lter with raised
“eyebrows and sn1tled. 11For explorers like us, we can still live In theabsen<‘e ol freshwaterand tools. “””
“Jn extreme condltlons, even urine couJd”
be a lifesaver.
“However, looking at Nicole’sdelicate”
“appearance,It seemed likeshewould rather d ie than rely on that to preserve”
her life.
“””Haveyou been disguising yourself asan”
“indigenous person theentire time you’re here?,,”
Nicole could not help but ask. She did not
understand why those indigenous people wanted to roast her but did not do the
same to Nathaniel.
Nathaniel saw through her thoughts and
“””If you don’t want to be their enemy, you”
can only be one of them. They’re not too
“intelligeni, sothey can’t really tell the dilference.”””
Nicolenodded .’If only I met him earlier…’
She truly regretted that they mel so late!
When Nicole remembered the scene of
“her belng roasted alive, the lingeringfear”
in her chest rose again.
She did not dareto think what would
happen i[not for the timely rai nstorm. she might have turned intoa pile of ashes
by now…
Nicole’sexpression w:as puzzled and
confused .
“””Then do you know why they wanted to”
11 It’sprobably a sacrifice. I once read in a
journal jointly published by some anthropologists from Europe and Africa that certain primitive tribes would
“usually o[[er up strange and unfamtllar things lo Lhe heavens.’l’hal way, they’ll gel blessings I[ t hey send you to heaven. The ritual uses fire as a guide. Then, they’”
11give you thei r be.r food.When you eat
“the food, It means that you’ll bless them”
“with more food later.IJUI If It falls halfway through, they have tostop”
Immediately. That ‘s why I took you and
ran once it rained…11
Nicole pursed her lips. Itwas similar to
what Tigger said.
‘Forget It…Ishouldn.’t think about such
unhappy thoughts…’
This horrifying experience was one too
many in her lifetime!
Her originally gloomy mood improved
slightly.Thiswas probably the most
relaxed moment she had in the past few days.
She smiled and sud denly remembered
something important. She asked in slight
“confusion, “”Is this island on t he map?”””
“Logically s1>e•klng, her family would not”
stay put If somet hing happened to her.
lf t heyeould 1101 find her In the sea where
“the plane crashed, U1ey would”
unquestionably expa11d the search scope.
“However, it had been so many days, yet”
there was not a slng;le sign of someone coming to her rescue. It was as if she was forgotten by the whole world.
Nicole could not help but wonder if this
placetruly existed.
Nathaniel’s expression was somewhat
heavy asbe sighed.
“ult is, but…11”
“ccaut what?”””
“Nathaniel pondered and said, “”But this”
place is listed as an international forbidden’sbecause the
“surroundi ng seas hund reds of nautical m iles from thisisland are olten infested with pirates. No rnatter which count ry’s ships pass by, h would cause international disputes and huge losses.”
The pirates even blocked this place from
the satellite map with spcclal Instruments
Nkole was completel!Ispeechless.
It turned out that her situation could get
She felt llkea hugeboulder fell on her
It was so heavy that she found it hard to
Everydme she felt that therewasa
“chance of survival, reaUry smashed head­”
first Into her.
“0 In other words, wecan’t leave this place”
and have t.o continue staytng here…?u
The rescue helicopters and shipswould
“not search here, and theycenainlycould not exp<.•<:t a group of pirates to rescue them eit her.’!’hey might as well be”
offerl’d up asa sacrlllce by those
lndlgenou• people earlier…
Natha niel sensed tha.t t he atmosphere
was b«omtng a little gloomy.
Hegaveher a relaxed smUe.
“””Don’tworry, you’re not alone.”””

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