The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 267

chapter 267 Conforming Wig

After walking for more than twenty minutes, Nicole felt her legs go numb.
Her feet were also worn with blisters, and
her muscles ached incessantly.

The downpour stopped just as she followed him to their destination.
The sound of the waves on the surface of the sea was more intense. Wind surged, huge waves beat
against the reefs and scrubbed the beach. The sound of the waves crashing was particularly harsh.
After leaving the jungle, the sand near the sea was soft and wet, making it impossible to lift
one’s feet.
The man in front of Nicole walked firmly and strongly. Despite running for so long, he did not seem
to have any trace o( fatigue.
It seemed like he was accustomed to this


Nathaniel walked past the reef to the leeward side of a hill, then moved a rock that was half his
size to the side.
He called out to the shocked and dumbfounded Nicole before he entered the small cave behind the
There was a cave here?

Nicole followed him into the small space that could only accommodate two people. The trickling
seawater flowed down from the gap, unable to pool anywhere.
Nathaniel went sideways through a gap less than 15 inches in diameter.
He called out to her from inside, so Nicole followed his example and shimmied in. The space
suddenly opened up.
There were actually lights here.

The inslde was rieat, with dry and clean branches all around. ’l’he air was a little

humid, but it was ten times better
compared to the outside.

Nicole smiled and watched as Nathaniel took out a backpack from a high rock. It was a classic model
of the La Sportiva brand.
She recognized at a glance that it was the same brand as the shoes he was wearing.
Nathaniel took out a men’s windbreaker that was a classic model from Scarpa, a very famous outdoor
Then, he took out a pair of pants from the same collection. Just as he bent down to wear them, he
suddenly seemed to realize something and looked straight at Nicole.
Nicole was staring at him. She was not blushing, nor did her heart race. She just watched him like
a hawk, as if she was afraid that tie would suddenly vanish Into thin air.
Nathaniel chuckled helplessly.

“Nikki, if you really wanna watch, 1 don’t

Nicole froze before immediately snapping back to her senses. She then hurriedly turned her back on
Her face subconsciously heated up.

“Aren’t you thirsty? There are tools beside you. Go get some seawater and come back. I can distill
it into freshwater.“
Nathaniel deliberately tried to dispel the awkwardness.

Nicole had not touched freshwater for a long time. She missed tasteless water so much!
She left subconsciously and looked at the “tools” on the rock with slight hesitation.
7his was just a container formed by tying a few leaves together.

’Forget it… In a place like thts, this is the best I can get!’
Nicole went out gloomily and selected a spot with clean seawater from the crevice on the side.
When she went back, Nathaniel was already dressed, looking tall and lean. He was sitting on a pile
of leaves with one leg curled up as he looked down and carefully fiddled with the tools in his
His head of messy hair was gone, and he
had clean and short hair now.

His features were delicate and handsome. Even if he did not clean up much, his deep features under
the light were extraordinarily attractive, especially his bright eyes that seemed to be able to
reflect the Milky Way thousands of inlles away.
Nathaniel looked to be around the same age as her.

However,that was not what surprised Nicole.
“You were wearing a wig?”

Nathaniel nodded. “You know what they say. Do as the locals do…”
That was true, but…

The corners of Nicole’s mouth twitched. “ Who would carry a wig wherever they go?!“
Nathaniel blinked at her and smiled, pure
and recklessly.

“I’m an explorer, so of course I came prepared. My social media content specializes in filming and
researching primitive tribes.”
“So, you came here on purpose?”

Nathaniel nodded.

“I chose this island at random. It’s the smallest island ort the riorth slde of the

Atlan’tic Ocean, so I origtnally didn’t hold much hope. I really didn’t expect there to be
indigenous people here. They’re a genuine primitive tribe.”
Nicole watched as he took out a black earphone -sized camera from a leaf on the side. It was
extremely inconspicuous, but considering where they were now, it was also extremely rare.
“In other words… You have a way to leave this place?”
That was her main point of concern.

Nathaniel pursed his lips and frowned slightly. “Not really…”
“Then how will you go back? Aren’t you going back after your research?”

“Well… I didn’t exactly think about that before coming here… My other explorer friend dropped
me off on the island by helicopter. He then went to the South Pole for an expedition, so… I
don’t know lf he’s Still Alive or not…”

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