The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 266

Chapter 266 He Regretted It
When Eric opened his eyes and saw the familiar furnishings around him, he sat up in shock. He was
about to rip off the needle stuck in his arm and leave.
“Where are you going?!”

Old Yaster Ferguson’s face was red with anger. His aged voice was imposing and forceful.
The butler and servants at Eric’s sides stopped him. No one dared to speak for a moment.
Eric’s expression became nasty as he spoke with a firm tone.
“I’m going to look for Nicole…”

“She’s already dead!”

Old Raster Ferguson’s words hit Eric like a bolt of thunder olit of nowhere.
Everyone already kitew that, but Eric was

still In denfial.
Those words suddenly touched the deepest reallty bttrird lil lils heart.
Eric felt like a deer in headlights.

That taut nerve pulled and snapped.

He looked up with bloodshot eyes, his face tight and cold.
“She’s not dead. She won’t die like that!”

His voice was surprisingly cold.

‘How could I leave Nicole alone in the sea? No matter what, I must take her home!’
Eric stood up and was just about to walk out, but Old Master Ferguson immediately shot the
butler a look. The butler came forward with the servants and pinned the froil kric firmly in his
“Young VasCer, y‹iur li‹i‹ly hasn’t recovered yet…”

“Get out of the way!“

Eric’s voice was icy like a wlnter night.

Old Vaster Ferguson frowned In dissatisfaction.
“I know that you’ve always felt that our family owes that girl. If she’s alive, I won’ t stop you
fxom doing things for her, but she’s already dead. There’s no need to throw away your life for
her. Do you want our entixe family to be buried with her? Do you know what kind of rumors were
flying around outside while you were searching for her during this period? Our family is becoming a
“I don’t care! She’s not dead. I have to find her!“
Eric had to tell her in person how important Nicole was to him.
He had to apologize and confess his love to her as solemnly as he could.

No one knew that when Eric learned the news of Nicole’s accldent, hls heart felt like it was being
hollowed out.
His soul was gone.

Old Master Ferguson looked at his grandson that he was most proud of. Eric was outstanding,
decisive, and fierce. In just a few years, he became a permanent resident on the Forbes list.
Now, Eric was throwing his life away for a mere woman?!
“Watch the door and don’t let him take a single step out of this room!”
Old Master Ferguson ordered as he turned to leave.
Even if he had to use extreme measures, Old Master Ferguson could not let Eric, who he raised
through painstaking efforts, lay wasfe to liiliiself brrause of a womari.

Time would smooth everything out eventually. Once Eric accepted this reality, he would be able to
think straight again.
By that time, that woman would no longer be important.
The air was silent and cold.

They did not dare to leave without permission, but they were also afraid that Eric would fight back
Everyone could feel the crushing grief that Eric’s body exuded.
That kind of sadness and despair overflowed from his bones, which even made the surrounding people
feel his deep sorrow.
Eric suddenly shrunk into a ball, A trace of vulnerability and remorse crossed his firm and
weathered fare.
“I regret it, Nicole… I regret the divorce…” Old Master Ferguson, who had walked to tlle door, suddenly froze. He looked back at Eric with a
complicated expression.
The room was silent, and everyone breathed carefully.
They had never seen Eric like this before. Eric Ferguson had always been confident and proud. He
was an invincible legend.
However, just one woman could make him bow down and admit defeat. She even made him admit his
It was clear that this woman was more important to him than life itself…

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