The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 265

Chapter 265 He Had Never Gone
Hungry Before
The man laughed. It was a mellow and clear sound in the darkness of the night.
A sly look flashed in his eyes.

“I’m not telling!”

Nicole was speechless.

However, his relaxed state made her feel much better.
Nicole looked at her only partner in front and inexplicably felt a closeness with him.
She followed him with a smile and touched his bare arm which was painted with all sorts of colors.
It was somewhat rough and firm, but she did not touch him to take advantage of hiln.
“Are you cold? Do you want lny coat?”

She moved to take off her tightly wapped

windbreaker as she spoke.

There was no othrr meaning, She was siitlply afraid that he would freeze to death.
A hand stopped her from moving, and the man said, “No need. I’m not cold.”
Nicole did not insist because she suddenly remembered that Tigger was still in her pocket.
“I’m Nicole Stanton. What’s your name?”

Hearing that name, the man’s back stiffened slightly. He turned around to ask her, “Is Kai
Stanton your brother?”
Nicole’s shocked eyes lit up.

“You know my brother? You know me?!”

The man nodded and asked another question.
“Weren’t you conslantly on tln- trentling topi‹’s so›ne lilrle dgo?”

Nicole was shocked again.

“You just arrived here?!”

After all, the trending topics were something relatively recent.
The man smiled and continued pulling the branches away in front of him. His voice was light and
“Yeah. I got here a month before you.”

He just arrived, but he was able to get along so well with the indigenous people and even became
one of them!
If not for those shoes, Nicole would not have noticed him at all.
How amazing! He truly was talented!

Nicole was full of admiration for him.

Then, her heart sank slightly. She immediately felt a boulder presslng on her chest, heavy aitd
He had been here for a ritoiith but had itot

beeil saved, so when would she be able to get out of this hellhole7
“What’s your name?” She asked with
great interest.

“Nathaniel Ferguson.”

The man sighed helplessly and sped up his pace.
“Ferguson? Are you related to Eric Ferguson by any chance?”
The man was silent for two seconds and answered, “How could I be related to such a rich guy like
him? I’m just an independent explorer.”
Nicole nodded.

After all, of all the rich young men she knew, no one would be senseless enough to come here and
get kllled.
However, she could not help but think of that person at the rnentloit of lils last name.

Slte wondered what he was doing now.

A thousand nautical miles away, on a
cruise ship.

Countless helicopters hovered and whirred overhead. Drones surveyed foz material and signs of life
under the sea.
Even special military survey equipment was used, but nothing was found.
Kai received a call from GKant. “Eric Ferguson’s back home.” “Okay.”
In Ferguson Villa.

The family doctor came out of Eric’s room. Old Master Ferguson hurriedly went up to ask.
“How is k.ric doing?”

Tlle faittily dortO£ Slglied and spohe in a
srim tolie.

“Young Master Eric went without sleep for several days. His body is completely spent and has
reached its limit. Now, what he needs to do is rest well.
Replenishing his nutrition is the most
important thing.”

Old Master Ferguson nodded and hurriedly ordered all kinds of expensive tonics to be brewed.
From the side, Quinn said indignantly, “ That jinx Nicole Stanton only knows how to bring harm to
my son! Fortunately, heaven dished out justice and killed her. Otherwise, I’ll never let her off
the hook!”
Old Master Ferguson glared fiercely at
“Shut your mouth! If word were to get out, do you think the Stantons will let you go?”
Quinn mumbled in embarrassment, “
This is our home…“

Old Master Ferguson’s gaze was heavy as he pondered, and quinn took advantage of the situation to
“Dad, Nicole is dead. Can we bring Ingrid back?”
Old Master Ferguson did not even look at her. He felt it ridiculous that this woman with no IQwas
his daughter-in-law.
“Do you think this is appropriate just as something happened to the Stanton famJy? Are you trJng
to tell the Stantons that you’re so eager to celebrate Nicole’s death? If Grant Stanton starts
targeting our company, will you be able to step up and handle it?”
Quinn’s face paled, and the disappointment in her eyes could not be concealed.
“Old Master, Young Master Eric is awake

Everyone was overjoyed. Old Master
Ferguson quickly stepped into the room. “

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