The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 264

Chapter264 A Hopeless Sitution 

Nicole sighed in relief when she noticed the fake native.
The torrential rain plunged the night into a cold abyss.
The leaves around them rustled loudly as
they were drenched in the downpour. Accompanied by the crashing waves from the sea and the wind
howling, it was almost phantasmal and despairing.
Nicole was soaked to the bone and shivered in the cold. The chill seemed to drill all the way down
to her marrow.
She had just stopped to gasp for breath when she suddenly heard the flurry of heavy footsteps
catching up behind them. It was extraordinarily clear in the darkness.
Nicole alid tlte fake ltative exchanged a glance. They theli coittlnued to run

without hesitation.

The cold rain pelted her face like a sharp

After just a few minutes, she felt like her heart was about to jump out, and her legs stopped
listening to her brain. The surrounding environment was dark, and in addition to the rain, it was
impossible to see anything at all.
The ground was littered with branches and leaves, but they could only continue to escape, even if
it meant crawling away!
The indigenous people chased after them relentlessly and even threw branches at them. Nicole’s back
was hit several times, but she merely gritted her teeth and got up to run again.
Her hands had countless wounds after being cut by twigs and thorns, but she was numb ro the pain.
The fake native in fr‹irit of her ntoved

quicUy with agility. His body was nimble,
and he had strong athletic qualities.

Nicole did not dare to lag behind and ran for her life.
The sounds behind them were getting closer. If the indigenous people caught up to them, that would
mean certain death!
Suddenly, her foot hooked onto a tree trunk, hurling her to the ground. She could not help but let
out a scream when a jolt of pain shot up her elbow.
The fake native tutned around. Nicole gritted her teeth and pulled herself up.
“I’m fine! Run!”

All of a sudden, after she stepped over the tree trunk, her foot lost its ground and she found
herself freefalling!
fler hands desperately reached out for arlything she could grab. Slte managed to wrap a
flexilile virte arotlnd lter arln.

The full weight of her body hung from that vine, and her hands were already bleeding from the
thorns lining the vine.
Nicole could feel her body trembling. She was well aware that her body was at its limit.
The sounds of the indigenous people behind her were like a death knell for her, sinister and
The feeling of hopelessness had never been so strong before, and the chill swept through every pore
of her body…
However, the next moment, the fake native that should have run away suddenly appeared in front of
He reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her out of the pitfall.
It was like she was handed a llfellne.

Before Nicole could sigh in relief, she subconsciously looked back at the trap

and saw countless thick branches that were shaved into sharp spikes in the pit.
For a moment, her hair stood on end.

It was a trap set by those indigenous people.
If she had not grabbed onto the vine, then she would have lost everything on this freezing rainy
The man yanked her. “Run!”

Nicole wiped her face, not knowing whether it was the rain or her tears.
There was no time to think. She could
only run forward stifHy and numbly.
She could not turn back. She could not stop. She could not even have a second’s rest.
There were more paths ahead of thelit afler running through thls sertioit of the jungle. The fake
native turned a few corners in front to throw off their

pursuers. Soon, the sound of footsteps
behind them gradually faded away.

The fake native finally stopped and looked back at her.
Under the dark moonlight in the bustling shadows, Nicole was completely
drenched and muddied, and her face streaked with tears.
It took her less than thirty seconds to go from silence to sobbing, to weeping, then to full-out
Nicole finally had the strength to let go of the tears that she had held back over the past few
Her cries wete hysterical, but they were drowned in the rain, so they did not seem out of place at
The fake native crouched in front of her.

His voice was a little helpless. “Don’t cry

Nicole felt much better after letting it all
out, but now was not the time to relax.

The indigenous people would notice their tracks at any moment, so they could not stay here for too
She wiped her face and said in a soft and hoarse voice, “Let’s go…”
The fake native’s face painting was washed away by the rain, revealing his original face. Defined
features, flawless skin, an appearance that looked slightly like someone of mixed heritage, and
such bright eyes. He was even slightly more handsome than Kai. At a glance, it was clear that he
was a handsome young man.
This person must be a gift from heaven!

The man was a little stunned by how quieUy Nicole collected her emotions, but he still walked in
front to lead the way.
“You’ll be safe soon. Doli’t worry.”After calming down, Hlcole had a million questlons ln her heart. She did not even know where to
“How dld you get here? tVhere are your clothes? How long have you been here?”

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