The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 263

Chapter 263BiteThem Yoursef
Nicole coughed violently while covering her nose and mouth. Tigger, who had been quietly playing
dead, scratched at her pocket.
“Mama, I searched my database. It’s
some kind of ancient sacrificial ritual.”

Nicole’s heart went cold at the words.

‘Am I really going to die?!’

“Tigger, you’re a tiger, right? Can you pounce out and bite them?”
Tigger was silent for a few seconds before speaking cutely.
“Molly Stewart gave me zoo/o aggressiveness in her original design, but after the Great Ood
Maverick remodeled me, my aggressiveness became zero.
Nama, you can pounce and bite them
yourself…” ‘

.i ‘ » ›.

Nicole was speechless. ‘Haha… I’ve just been dissed by a stupid tiger…’
She was just about to ask Tigger where she could run to when the people around her suddenly stopped
singing and dancing. Their expressions turned serious.
Nicole immediately shut her mouth. She could not let them notice Tigger’s presence.
Otherwise, she would even lose the only person (tiger) she could talk to!

Just then, everyone stopped talking and tilted their head back to look at the sky with strange
It was so quiet that only the crackling of the firewood could be heard. Ct sounded very eerie,
scary, and chilling.
Just then, the leader of the group with a scepter in hand took a few steps back, opening up a gap
in the circle.

An older woman with a winUed face came in holding a large leaf with beth ltands.
The woman looked at Nicole, put the leaf in front of her, and said something Nicole did not
Then, the woman pointed to the items on the ground and back to her mouth, making a gesture of
She untied the tough branches that restrained Nicole’s wrists, then walked away.

The people around Nicole formed a circle around het again.
Everyone quietly looked at Nicole in the center of the circle. Countless eyes stared at her like
wild beasts in the dark.
Nicole looked dowri. What was on the leaf were dried meat, dried fish, as well as two wild fruits.

Her stomach growled instantly. She had not eaten for several days.
She swallowed her saltva. Throwing caution to the wind, she picked the food up and stuffed it into
her mouth.
There was no need to worry about whether it was poisoned or not. How would a hellhole like this
place have high- grade goods like poison?
Nicole’s etiquette, education, and manners at this moment scattered like ash!
Although she did not know what kind of meat it was, it smelled good and was salty and full of
ñavor. It just lacked a little seasoning, but it was the most delicious meal she had ever eaten in
her life.
The group of indigenous people watched her devour everything on the leaf and looked very satisfied.
Suddenly, before she rould react, she

watched as they threw the torches In their
hands on the ground.

In an instant, the flames spread in a circle aild trapped her.
Nicole stood there in shock. She shivered as an inexplicable chill went down her spine.
The branches were dipped in fish oil and burned wildly when it was lit with fire. The flames of
more than three feet high gradually approached, making the circle smaller and smaller.
The smoke was suffocating, causing her to cough uncontrollably. Thick smoke kept drilling into her
‘They… Really wanted to roast me to death?!’

When Nicole realized this reality, she shuddered in horror alid cotlld hot contain her anger.

The group of people outside sang and danced in excitement like they were completing some kind of
sacrificial ritual!
In their eyes, Nicole had just eaten their offering, so she had accepted her role as a sacrifice.
Nicole wanted to run. She could not just sit there and wait to die.
However, nothing could be seen in the darkness except the smoke. All she could hear were their
devilish chants and movements!
Just as the circle of fire narrowed to only about five feet away from her, lightning cut through
the bleak and dreary sky.
Black clouds gathered and thunder came
rolling along.

The indigenous people looked at each other strangely. Some of them stared unhappily at Nicole, who
was standing in the middle of the fire ring. Tlte next second, Icy rain poured down. Everyone fled and looked for a place to hide from the
rain. No one paid attention to Nicole anymore.
The torches that were about to burn her to death were doused by the torrential rain.
While the smoke rose, Nicole was just about to take advantage of the chaos to run away when a
man suddenly scurried in to grab her hand and run away.
Nicole’s struggle was completely useless against him, so she could only follow him miserably…
When they ran out of the smoke, she subconsciously looked down. Ct was that fake native with shoes!

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