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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 262

Chapter 262 He Had Shoelaces

Nicole did not want to stay in this

hellhole a moment longer!

Before she could sink deeper in despair,

she saw one of the burly men pointing

with his finger in the direction of where

Nicole was. Then, he pointed at the fire

and to his mouth, making an eating


Even a fool would be able to understand

what that meant. These indigenous

people were going to roast her!

What rotten luck!

Nicole trembled in panic and raised her

eyes to look at the man who was watching


She revealed a smile that looked worse

than a frown.

“Sorry for the trouble. Bye now!”

Nicole rolled to her feet and ran, but

before she could take two steps, she

tripped and fell over the many sticks and

branches littered on the ground.

She was already very dizzy and feverish,

and only managed to feel slightly better

after some sleep. After the fall, her mind

went completely blank.

Nicole laid on the ground and did not

come back to her senses for a long time…

Another man saw the situation and went

over to another man that was wearing

shoes, gibbering and gesticulating.

Wait. Although the shoes worn by that

man in front of her were covered in so

much mud that she could not tell what

they originally looked like, the shoes had


This was a primitive tribe. How did he get

shoes with laces?

Nicole’s eyes lit up. With a surge of

strength that came out of nowhere, she

suddenly climbed up to tug his shoes.

The man was tall and sturdy, so how

could Nicole possibly shake him?

She saw the vague trademark. La

Sportiva, a top Italian brand in the world.

Their outdoor sports equipment was


Is someone like me stranded here too?’

Nicole subconsciously looked up to see

the man. She could not see his facial

features since it was painted with lots of

markings, but his eyes twinkled brightly

as he winked and smiled at her.

Once their eyes met, she suddenly had a

strong sense of familiarity…


A fake native!

Before she could finish, someone

suddenly approached her and roughly

yanked her by the arm, dragging her

towards the fire.

Never in her wildest dreams did she

expect to be roasted and eaten by a

cannibal tribe!

“Nonono… Help…”

She screamed as more and more people

gathered. She glanced around and could

no longer tell which one was the fake

native she saw earlier!

Surrounded by the thick jungle, the sky

was dim, and in the surrounding

darkness, the distant sea breeze howled

like a wild beast crouching in the dark,

waiting for the opportunity to devour


The bonfire burned brightly as the group

of indigenous people stared at her like


Although they were of varying heights,

they were all mostly naked and grimy.

Their faces were painted with various

colors, and the lower half of their bodies

were covered with a simple skirt made of

branches and leaves. They looked

extremely terrifying and fierce.

They looked like indigenous people who

she had only seen on TV.

“Hello? Annyeonghaseyo? Bonj our?

Konnichiwa? Hola?” 1

Nicole tried saying hello in sixteen

languages, but the people in front of her

did not respond and merely babbled on in

another language.

Their non-responsiveness was


Where was that fake native who wore

shoes earlier?

Nicole did not know if she had misheard,

but among the exchange of gibberish, she

suddenly heard a distinct snicker.

That gloating laugh was clearly

something that could only come from city

folk like her.

She snapped her head up and looked into

a pair of bright eyes.

Before she had time to rejoice, several

men lifted her and headed in the

direction of the bonfire.

She felt terribly cold. Only one thought

ran through her mind. ‘Are they really

going to roast me alive?!

“Cannibalism is illegal!”

Nicole yelled in horror as the men

suddenly let go and dropped her to the


She did not care about the pain she felt.

Just as she was about to stand up, she saw

the men surrounding her while holding

branches that were lit with fire that they

had picked up from the bonfire.

The circle was small, but gradually, more

people joined the circle, making it larger

and larger.

The indigenous people held torches and

formed a circle as they sang and danced

around her. It was an extremely strange


Nicole felt more and more panicked.

Every time she tried to run out of the

circle, the group waved their torches at

her, forcing her back into the middle.

They would not let her out.

As the temperature rose, the flames

licked at her body and the smoke caused

her to cough incessantly.

Nicole was running in circles frantically.

She simply did not know what to do. ‘Somebody… Save In…/

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