The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Roast Her

In everyone’s view, Eric’s action earlier

looked like he was deliberately letting go

of life.

When Mitchell saw this, he quickly ran

over to stop Eric.

He was afraid that Eric would do

something stupid again.

“President, are you alright?”

Eric’s eyes were tightly closed. He laid

lifelessly on the seat without any reaction.

Mitchell subconsciously placed his

fingers over Eric’s carotid pulse and

sighed in relief before he looked at Kai


“Thank you, Young Master Stanton.

President Ferguson must’ve been too

tired since he hadn’t slept for several


Kai glanced at Eric with complicated eyes.

“Take him back. Leave your people here

to work with me.”

Mitchell immediately nodded in

agreement. If Kai refused the manpower

as well, he would have to worry whether

Eric would skin him alive when he woke


Kai called someone to pick him up, hung

up the phone, and saw Mitchell

seemingly hesitant to speak.

“Is something wrong?”

Mitchell pursed his lips and thought

about it before opening his mouth.

“Young Master Stanton, I know that you

were saying all those just now because

you wanted President Ferguson to back


Kai turned away. It did not ‘natter

whether or not Mitchell guessed his


Kai was no saint, but he was not so cruel

to watch Eric lay waste to himself either.

Mitchell continued, “After President

Ferguson and Ms. Stanton divorced, he

had been reflecting on the past. He’s

constantly in pain since. There were some

misunderstandings that he did not mean

to cause, yet they indirectly hurt Ms.

Stanton. He always wanted to make up

for it, though to no avail. But Young

Master Stanton, President Ferguson

never fakes his emotions. The regret he

felt was real, so are his feelings for Ms.


At those words, Mitchell felt like he had

overstepped his boundaries and said too


If Ms. Stanton was here and heard those

words, what would she feel?

Kai was silent for a few seconds.

However, he did not stay and went to the

other helicopter that came to pick him up.

When Kai reached a passenger ship

below, he looked up at the sky.

He had to admit that if not for the many

things that happened between Eric and

Nicole, those two would have been a

match made in heaven in every aspect.


Kai’s chest overflowed with grief. It did

not matter whether or not Eric had

feelings for Nicole because she would

never come back…

Kai stood on the deck, ignoring the cold

as the bone-chilling sea wind struck his


That handsome, flawless face had

become pale with several unpolished

traces. His pair of once glittering eyes

were now dull with grief…

On an island a thousand nautical miles


Nicole slowly opened her eyes and saw

damp leaves messily cluttered on the


She found that she was unable to move

because she was tied up by something.

As soon as she turned around, she saw an

indigenous person squatting next to her,

scrutinizing her. variety of colored

markings streaked over his dark skin.

Nicole could not help but let out a

shocked cry.

The man smiled at her.

He was bare-chested and had long,

messy hair. His neck was adorned with

animal bone-like ornaments, and there

was a circle of leaves around his lower


Nicole trembled in fear. Vas that a smile

of death…?’

She sat up in terror and scooted away

from him, surveying her surroundings.

She was in a simple tent-shaped but

made out of many branches and leaves.

The branches were the same as the most

common kind of trees in the jungle.

The curvature of the branches was very

flexible, and the dense branches and

leaves stacked layer by layer kept out the

wind and rain.

However, the space was small and there

was no ventilation. It was damp and dim


Nicole’s sluggish face was pale and

miserable. The feeling of being cold,

thirsty, and hungry became more

unbearable as she woke up.

`I’m still stuck in this hellhole?!

Her fingers clenched so tightly that her

fingertips went white.

The man stepped forward to touch her,

but Nicole screamed and dodged.

When she turned her head, she saw

dozens of identically dressed men not far


They looked fierce with deep, protruding

features. They looked like the indigenous

people she saw in documentaries.

Her heart sank deeper like it was falling

`W-Where the hell am I?!’

When Nicole saw the situation, a fierce

chill went down her spine. ‘Are these the

people who carried me here by my limbs?’

The tribal people stacked up firewood in

front of them. There was a strong man

who looked like their chief sitting there.

The others took slender pieces of wood

and rubbed the sticks on a thick, dry log.

Soon, the bottom of the stick began to


As the fire gradually grew, it was placed

on another pile of dried leaves. The fire

spread immediately as the firewood

burned swiftly.

`Rubbing sticks for fire? A primitive


Disbelief was written all over Nicole’s


`God must be playing a huge prank on me!

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