The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 260

Chapter 260 You Don’t Know Her

Eric’s thin lips parted, but he did not know what to say. Kai tilted his head back and took a large swig of alcohol again. He spoke without care.

world for her, and Maverick “When Nicole was studying in Europe, my father hired eight nannies to take care of her, but she secretly dismissed them.

Grant wanted to make thirty trips per month just to cook, sent her all the bonuses he got from his research.

As for me, I only shot films set in at that time… Hah! Even then, we thought that it was the furthest away from us she’d ever been. But then… She got married to you.

For three years, she didn’t contact us and completely cut off all her social circles. Eric Ferguson, she valued you more than her family, but what did De at you do?” You Kai’s voice staggered as his tears fell uncontrollably.

He casually wiped the droplets away and tilted his head to chug the bottle dry. Mitchell and the pilot sat in the front, not daring to move in this situation.

The silence in the air was filled with despair. Eric could not hear the sound of his heart world shattering, but he could feel someone viciously gouging out his heart, crushing and grinding it, then dumping it far away from his body 40 Kai looked at Eric’s bloodless face.

His chest felt unrestrained under the influence of alcohol. no They all said that they could not blame Eric, that Eric did not cause the accident, and he did not control the plane.

However, Kai still could not help but think that if it were not for Eric, Nicole would not have been on that plane in the first place! Then, he would still have a little sister, and there would still be someone who would squander his money.

She could buy a yacht, a mansion, an island… She would still be alive! Kai stood up. The cold wind caused his clothes to flutter, and his hair was messed up.

He stood up unconcern With a casual toss, the bottle flew in. PLAO MAURIS air and disappeared into the sea.

“Eric Ferguson, go back. Whether it’s guilt or something else, it’s already too late. Go back and live your normal life.” . Eric’s brows furrowed in despair. His voice was hoarse and depressed.

“I’m not leaving. If she’s still alive… “Hah…” Kai laughed coldly. His tears still streamed uncontrollably down his cheeks. His eyes were cold as he said word by word.

“You don’t know her at all, Eric Ferguson… Nicole can’t swim.” So, there was no ‘if’. The boundless sea had already swallowed her up. The silence in the air gave off a cold and despairing vibe.

Kai’s final words were like the last straw that broke Eric’s back. His expression turned ugly and white as paper.

Eric clenched his fists so tight that his arms trembled and bulged with veins, If a person who could not swim fell into the sea, would this ending be surprising? No.

He did not know her. He knew nothing about her. He did not even know that she could not swim! What a joke! ‘It’s a joke to think that this is my show of love to her…

The roar of the helicopter suddenly amplified several times, ringing in his ears. ‘No, maybe Kai’s just lying to me!’ Eric suddenly took a few steps forward and wanted to ask a question.

Suddenly, his body shook and staggered. His hand holding the cabin door loosened, and his body leaned forward.

With half his body out of the helicopter and staring at the deep, dark sea, Eric saw Nicole smiling at him… ‘Yeah, this should be the way.

I should’ve been on that plane with her anyway…’ 5/6 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 260 You Everyone was shocked. “President.”

“Watch out” The cold wind scraped his face, which stung.

The salty spray of the waves overlapped with surges and billows. Kai grabbed Eric’s arm with one hand and yanked him back hard, then closed the door with his left hand.

The dark sea was shut out of the cabin door. Bolson, “Eric Ferguson, what the hell is wrong with you? Will my sister come back if you do this? She’s already gone! Who are you acting like this for?”

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