The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 259

Chapter 259 She Was Not Miserable Enough

With her last shred of courage in her despair, Nicole re-entered the jungle. Fortunately, Nicole had changed into comfortable leather sneakers before boarding the plane.

Otherwise, she would really have to wait for her death. tropical rainforest, but The trees in the woods were several dozen meters high.

They were not as lush and dense as the thickness of each one was the width of several people at least. The trees were a species that she had never seen before either.

She walked step by step in lethargy. She scraped her hands on the sharp tree branches, and the streaks of blood were very stark against her pale skin.

However, she was not in the mood to care about these minor injuries.

After all, she was going to die. “Tigger, do you see any fruit?” Nicole’s voice was hoarse and dry as she asked breathlessly. Tigger shook its head, its answer as disappointing as always.

She stepped forward with great effort, feeling exhausted and dizzy. Her head felt like it was spinning. Suddenly, she tripp over something Her body subconsciously fell forward, throwing her onto the muddy ground.

pitomlanaume oke her up for a moment. Tigger anxiously crawled out of her pocket and circled her. Suddenly, as if sensing something, it looked behind Nicole and slipped back into her coat pocket.

“Mama, there’s people…” Nicole wanted to open her eyes, but she no longer had control over her body. She seemed to hear the sound of heavy footsteps landing around her.

Someone was speaking gibberish… ‘What language is this?’ Nicole grew up familiar with seventeen languages, but she did not understand this one.

There were people on this island It was a miracle! She had been looking for so long but never noticed this at all! Balwarld However, Nicole’s imagined rescue did not seem quite right.

‘Why are they only pulling my limbs and carrying me as if they’re about to dismember me?’ The path was so bumpy that she felt her joints were about to dislocate! A picture Nicole saw before could not help but emerge in her mind at this moment.

A picture of a roasted pig being carried into the kitchen… ‘OMG, am I not miserable enough?!’ Nicole swore that if these were people sent by Eric Ferguson, she would be sure to “thank” him properly! If it was someone from the Stanton family, she would tell Grant that the people he sent were too unprofessional, rough, and impatient…, If it was a rescue worker from a third party, then she had no choice but to bear with it…

They did not reach their destination even after a long, long time. The bumpy journey completely plunged her consciousness into complete darkness, A thousand nautical miles away, Two helicopters met.

Mitchell used all his efforts to invite Kai over. The rescue operation would only be faster and more efficient if the two parties discussed and cooperated.

Eric’s mental state was already close to madness and paranoia. If this goes on, Mitchell was afraid that Eric would collapse. Kai took a bottle of vodka over. When Eric looked up, his eyes were completely, bloodshot.

It was clear at a glance that Eric had gone several days and nights without sleep Novelo Eric frowned but did not react much when he saw Kai come over.

It seemed like his only purpose for the rest of his life was to save Nicole. Kai sat down next to a box. Without delay, he opened the bottle with his teeth and spit the cap out into the sea.

They had never hated the sea as much as they did this moment! However, there was nothing they could do.

Kai tilted his head and poured a few mouthfuls of vodka into his mouth. His bloodshot eyes glared mockingly at Eric.

“Do you need to be like this? Who are you trying to act for?” Eric’s jaw tightened into a straight line. his lips pursed His eyes swept past Kai indifferently and looked towards the huge waves rolling over the sea.

The silence was depressing. He did not have to explain, and he could not explain either. In the Stanton family’s eyes, he was an unpardonable jerk who had hurt Nicole.

He had even personally sent Nicole to her death. Eric was unable to forgive himself, much less Kai. Kai snorted coldly. His eyes when he glanced at Eric became abruptly cold and calm.

He was also suppressing huge emotional fluctuations. “My father said that you’ve done enough You don’t owe us anything and you don’t have to pay us back with your life. Eric Ferguson, go back. find my sister by myself.”

The air around them was accompanied by a chilly novel plum. ” The temperature Eric’s dark eyes shot over at Kai. His face was cold and his voice hoarse.

“I’m not doing this for the Stantons. I’m doing this for Nicole!” For a speck of chance! As long as her body was not found, that meant there was still hope. ‘

How could I leave her behind?’ Eric thought. Kai paused slightly when he heard those words. Each and every one of those words stabbed at his heart.

“Then why did you treat her like sh*t before? No one in myfami, Tia to say harsh to her, but you threw her back to us like she was a bag of trash.” anything remotely hats. In an instant, Eric’s face lost all traces of blood.

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