The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Aren’t You a Tiger?

Nearly a thousand nautical miles away from the search area, in a deserted island besieged by large waves.

Dense green leaves covered the sky. Besides the jungle, there were only huge waves and a cold and salty sea breeze. Nicole wandered around this hellhole for three days but had not found any trace of fresh water or food.

She had not had a drop of water or eaten anything during this time. Her lips were extremely dried and Tigger’s scarf became her shawl as it shrank in her coat pocket, dispirited. Fortunately, Nicole reacted faster than others.

Just before the plane exploded, she opened the emergency exit and jumped down with a parachute without hesitation.

One second in the air was a deviation of several hundred nautical miles. That was how Nicole survived. In the aftermath, Nicole grieved for the other passengers who were not as fortunate as her.

However, it did not take long for Nicole to have doubts about whether she could even survive on this island. Her phone had fallen into the sea, and all her communication tools were lost.

ho vēlwodd Perhaps it was because Tigger fell too hard during the landing, its internal intelligence system was out of order.

Furthermore, there was no signal at sea, so Tigger could not make contact with the outside world. Thus, Nicole could only passively wait for her family to rescue her.

There was nothing here, especially. A human could not last more than seven days without water.

Nicole knew that she was almost at her limit. She sat on a rock and felt like she would not be able to hold on for much longer. All she felt was despair as countless thoughts flashed in her mind.

ough ‘Why did no one come to save me?’ ‘For so many days or movement ways, there’s still no news ‘Did they really think that I was dead?’ “That damned Eric Ferguson! Why did he give me that stupid invitation and send me on the path of death?!’ Home el port ‘We must’ve been mortal enemies in our past lives!’ ‘Now, I really have a million more reasons to hate this jerk!’ However, in her desperation, Nicole thought that if Eric could come to her rescue now, she could forgive everything that happened in the past.

Tigger poked its head out of her pocket. Its two little paws clung to her clothes. The ditzy little tiger was not as clean and beautiful as before.

The white fur on its head had turned gray, and its appearance looked like it looked like it was abandoned in a dumpster. a “Mama, I can feel that you’re not very happy…”

This AI s self-repair ability was very strong, After they landed, Tigger could only speak intermittently. Now, it has already regained its fluency.

Inovelvo Nicole looked down at it with eyes full of hope. “You can feel that? Then can you send a distress signal and lead us out of here?” The little tiger shook its head clumsily, dispelling her hopes.

“No. There’s no signal here, so I can’t contact Molly Stewart.” Nicole’s heart clenched violently.

At a loss, she looked at the distant waves that seemed to eat away at her heart layer by layer as they lapped on the shore periodically.

‘Am I really going to die here?’ Nicole sniffled. Her eyes felt sore as tears novel worlat welled up at the bottom of her eyes.

“I’m so hungry… Will I actually die from starvation when I’m so rich?!” She grumbled and complained, not caring whether Tigger could understand or not. “I even bought an island… My island is so beautiful and cost me $2 billion, but I haven’t had the chance to visit it yet…”

Tigger had a hard time digesting Nicole’s complaint, but it was sensitive enough to catch certain keywords.

“My infrared scanner has been repaired. I can scan for edible non-toxic food. Mama, do you want to look for fruits or wild animals?” Nicole frowned and could not help but raise her voice.

“Wild animals?” Tigger nodded in response. “Mhmm! When I was watching TV with Kai, we saw people who ate wild animals to survive in the wild…” inowe world Nicole’s mouth twitched.

“Are you going to catch them then?” Tigger shrunk back into her pocket in embarrassment. Every artificial tiger fur on its body expressed grave resistance, “I’m just a little tiger…”

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