The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 257

Chapter 257 She Left This World

The Stanton family sent more than a dozen private helicopters to search the waters where the accident occurred. They even hired dozens of foreign mercenaries to salvage the vicinity.

They did not give up. Soon, in the same stretch of sea, someone expanded the search scope, and nearly a hundred aircraft hovered overhead.

It was a huge and astounding scale. SeaWorld The number of people diving into the sea also increased by dozens of times, causing a multi-national sensation and alarm m Eric did not hesitate to join the search and rescue effort, just for that one person.

He did not forget that it was him who gave her that invitation. If not for him, this would not have happened to her. She would not have to be afraid.

She would not have gotten into an accident or gone missing. She would not have died. He dared not imagine what was in her mind the moment the plane crashed.

Did she think of him? Maybe she hated him even more… How scared did that proud and fearless girl feel at that time? He only wished that he was on the plane too! overworld However, even after several days, the search and rescue team’s efforts remained fruitless.

The wreckage of the plane salvaged from the deep seabed was also incomplete. Broken, fractured surfaces and charred structures.

It was hard to imagine how tragic the end was the moment the plane blew up! When he saw a section of the plane wreckage, Eric, who had forced himself to pull through, finally seemed to collapse.

He stood on the helicopter and looked down. The endless blue of the sea reflected strong and piercing light. From time to time, the whistling waves puffed and blew the salty spray of the sea on his face.

The hidden currents under the surface of the sea were huge enough to devour everything.

At that moment, life suddenly seemed so small. His body holding the door frame trembled slightly, and Mitchell immediately stepped forward behind him.

Mitchell had the same expression of sadness and grief. Compared to Eric’s indifference to Nicole for three years, Mitchell had more interaction with Nicole. He witnessed her despair, transformation, and growth.

His heart ached for her experiences, but what he felt more was pride in her strength. The moment Mitchell heard the bad news, he felt suffocated.

Seeing Eric follow the rescue team to the helicopter for search and rescue efforts for days on end, Mitchell could feel the increasing dreariness from Eric that was overwhelmingly sad.

Suominen Not only was Eric immersed in guilt and self-blame, but he had also lost all the vitality in him. “Preside it’s been days. The company needs you to finalize some matters.

Why don’t you go back first? I’ll inform you immediately of any news here.” . Mitchell did not dare to mention that a regular person would drown to death if stranded at sea for less than an hour.

It had already been almost four days, yet nothing had been found.

There was a large possibility that Nicole was no longer in this world… There were carnivorous fish everywhere in the ocean.

Even if there was a corpse, it would not be found. Eric stood at the door. His sculpture-like features were a mess now, and he grown stubble along his chin.

gray from His cold eyes were bleak an defeat, but he did not want to give up. nome Morld What if… What if Nicole was waiting for him to save her? “No, leti grandfather handle the company affairs.

Expand the search scope. The exploration of the surrounding seas is just as important.” Eric’s voice was hoarse and magnetic, and his eyes were heavy.

Mitchell sighed and turned around to continue receiving the search signal.

Similarly, Kai also persevered. Floyd was hospitalized and Grant needed to look after the company and their father, so Kai took the initiative to lead the search and rescue operation.

Kai’s attitude towards Eric had clearly changed these days. It changed from the disdain in the past, to resentment and anger when he found out why Nicole went on that plane, to the sorrow he felt now.

Grant was right. Eric was not at fault regarding matter.

How en could I they blame Eric for everything? These days, Eric looked like he might drop dead at any moment… The online fever came and went quickly.

News of the plane crash had long since become a thing of the past, and Nicole someone who could only be remembered on the internet.

Soon, new topics occupied the trending topics instead. No one believed that Nicole would survive…

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