The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Fifty Seconds Left

Logan was shocked. Usually, Nicole would actively avoid anywhere Eric Ferguson appeared, so why did she not plan to avoid this meeting as well? Nicole held the invitation and raised her brows.

She did not know why Eric was so kind to tell her about this opportunity. was go of this rare However, she would not and great occasion.

“Book a flight for me…” Nicole said to Logan Logan Fergulused. “Mitchell said that Mr. Ferguson has already booked it. If you want to go, you can just get on the plane.” novel Nicole was speechless.

“That pain in the * ss Eric Ferguson read my thoughts?!’ After a while, she took the invitation and went to Grant.

“Big Brother, that jerk Eric Ferguson gave me this invitation. I’m going to check it out.” When Grant saw the invitation, he was first a little surprised.

Then, he smiled calmly. “I originally wanted to take you there in a few years. You’re still young and lack seniority, so people won’t think too highly of you, but it’s okay if you want me to go and see what it’s all ab.

Nicole looked at him with delight. “You’re going too?” Aldo stores Grant opened the drawer and took out a thick stack of invitations.

They were all from founding members of the business conference in Propolis. “I’ve never gone before. I can’t be bothered to deal with them.”

Nicole swallowed silently. Sure enough, Grant’s propensity to humblebrag without noticing never disappointed. Two days later.

Nicole showed up quietly with a little tiger wearing an Italian cashmere shawl from Malo. Tigger was wrapped up tightly in the shawl, but it poked its head out from time to time to see the excitement around it.

Nicole would not need to do this if not for the fear of causing a commotion.

“Be a good boy and I’ll let out to play when we get to Riopolis.. On the plane, there was no one in the business class seat next to her.

Nicole paused when she suddenly received an unknown text message.

(President Nicole, President Ferguson has an emergency, so his flight has been changed to 7:00 pm. Someone will be there to meet you when you reach Riopolis. – Mitchell.)

Nicole frowned and snorted coldly.’ Awesome! Otherwise, how torturous would it be to stay on the same flight…’ The little tiger in her arms had already attracted a lot of attention along the way, and Nicole explained many times that it was an AI robot.

Pk Tigger even played along with her according to how they rehearsed.

It obediently laid in Nicole’s arms and played dead. Tigger was motionless and stiff, with half its tongue sticking out and its eyes rolled to the back of its head…

When the right attendant left calmly, Nicole rubbed its head. “It’s fine now, Tigger.

You were pretending to be a cat just now.” ner The plane lifted off smoothly, Nicole read some documents for a while and was just about to get some shuteye when she а suddenly heard a loud explosion.

The entire plane began to shake violently. Nicole was instantly startled awake, only to feel the plane undergo violent turbulence as if it was out of control! The people around started screaming and crying for help.

The instructions from the flight crew and sobs began to sound at the same time. all No one was in the mood to listen.

Nicole instantly hugged Tigger as her face turned pale. Outside the window, she could only see gray clouds accompanied by lightning and thunder.

It was strange and terrifying! If she had known that this would happen, she would not have come! Tigger struggled out.

Its pupils turned and the infrared rays swept in the direction of the cockpit.

In just a few seconds, the AI system finally exhibited its normal function. Tigger’s voice was serious. “Mama, the plane’s engine is irreversibly damaged.

Our altitude is now at 5,000 feet. Our coordinates are currently at 100°N, 80°E. The plane’s braking system won’t be able to land at the airport.

There is a high probability of a crash.” Nicole’s face went white. What should we do?” Everyone’s desperate cries rang in her ears. Nicole trembled as she clutched the armrest.

Her gaze was miserably dull. 2014 el World With all her countless experiences, Nicole never thought that she would one day die in this manner.

All her past experiences seemed to be small and worthless in comparison. “Mama, put on the life jacket and oxygen mask. The plane will continue to lose Fifty control for one minute. Get ready to jump.

Your chance of survival is 50%…” 1 » “50%? Are you sh*tting me?!” Nicole’s face was pale as she followed Tigger’s instructions step by step. Although her hands were trembling, she never stopped.

“Fifty seconds left… Forty seconds.. “Boom” The whole world seemed to be at a standstill at that second.

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